TNB Podcast: Trump Is Building a Political Army and He Plans to Use It (12/2/21)Listen now (60 min) | Tim Miller, Amanda Carpenter, Ben Parker, and Bill Kristol catalogue the crazies who are becoming the vanguard of the new GOP, from Dr. Oz and MTG to local conspiracy theorists running for an election board near you.
Plus, the DAO of NFTs.
Tom Nichols: Grow Up and Act like an AdultListen now (55 min) | Republicans are blowing off the Jan. 6 investigation, and the Deplorable Squad is normalizing rhetoric that can lead to political…
Tracking—And Recapturing—Movie AudiencesListen now (33 min) | David Herrin on what might get moviegoers back to theaters.
Human nature and all these imaginary things.
It turns out that Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t really all that into stare decisis after all— and, as a result, it looks like Roe v. Wade is on borrowed time.…
Livestream details for Thursday, December 2
As the Dumpster Fire BurnsListen now (55 min) | The Republican party knows who to keep and who to chuck.
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