TNB Podcast: Woke Mobs, Oligarchs, and Globalists, Oh My!Listen now (65 min) | You can watch the livestream here if you missed it.
Amanda Carpenter, Charlie Sykes, Sarah Longwell, and Jonathan V. Last
Amanda Carpenter, Sarah Longwell, Jonathan V. Last, and Charlie Sykes
Sarah Longwell on why complacency is an inherent weakness of democracy.
Jim Swift
Kim Wehle on Chauvin, Protests, and Police ReformListen now (47 min) | On today’s Bulwark podcast, Kim Wehle joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the Chauvin trial and verdict, the GOP’s state-level pu…
Charlie Sykes
Nicholas Jarecki on 'Crisis,' Opioids, Releasing a Movie During COVID, and Armie HammerListen now (50 min) | Nicholas Jarecki—the writer and director of the opioid crisis thriller Crisis—talks to Sonny about the making and casting of Cris…
Sonny Bunch
Ancient advice for both the young and the elderly.
Jonathan V. Last
Plus: Update on a boondoggle
Charlie Sykes
Daniel McGraw argues that federal intrusions into local police matters can be warranted, but they are often resented by voters.
Jim Swift
Clarence Thomas Attacks Big Tech and Anti-Anti-ChauvinismListen now (69 min) | On today’s Bulwark podcast, Benjamin Parker joins Charlie Sykes to discuss anti-anti-Chauvinism, and Berin Szóka joins to talk ab…
Charlie Sykes and Benjamin Parker
The Anti-Anti-Chauvins, Hugging Protocols, and Movie TalkListen now (76 min) | Tim, Sarah, and Sonny (sitting in for JVL) talk about the Chauvin verdict, debate the media’s handling of the Sicknick situation,…
Sonny Bunch, Tim Miller, and Sarah Longwell
Our law enforcement problems are varied and systemic.
Jonathan V. Last
Plus: The Right's Anti-Anti-Chauvinism
Charlie Sykes