The Newsletter of Newsletters: Volume 12.
MATTHEW C. REES: Ten things to keep your eyes on as the Merkel era comes to an end.
Sarah Longwell on the Cyber Ninjas and Democratic BrinksmanshipListen now (52 min) | On today's podcast Sarah Longwell joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the Arizona Fraudit's epic flop, the ongoing threats to dem…
Plus: Roald Dahl's been dead for 30 years. How long should his estate continue to profit?
Our Constitutional CrisisListen now (40 min) | Is ongoing.
The "Good Republicans" are ready to rock!
Plus: The Big Lie goes bust in Arizona
Republicans are Dangerous. Can the Democrats Succeed?Listen now (72 min) | Sarah Longwell sits in for Linda and Tom Nichols joins to discuss the Democrats' divisions, Haitians at the border, and Biden's f…
TNB PODCAST: The Eastman Memo, the Democrats' Civil War, and What's the Matter with Ohio?Listen now (61 min) | Bill Kristol, Sarah Longwell, Mona Charen, and Jim Swift will talk about the Eastman memo on how to steal the election, the Democ…
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TODD RUFFNER AND LUCI MEADE: Human rights aren't at the center of the administration's foreign policy. Again. Why?
Rick Wilson Sounds Off on Trump, Dems, and CoupsListen now (52 min) | On today's podcast, Rick Wilson joins host Charlie Sykes to offer some tough love to just about everybody. Subscribe to The Bulwa…
We're gonna need a bigger boat.