Happy Pundit Accountability Day! (with Will Saletan)Listen now (44 min) | Ad-free edition
A Catholic bishop speaks out.
Plus, Gaffe Diplomacy and the Future of ‘Strategic Ambiguity.’
Tim Miller: Rage at the CarnageListen now (49 min) | The one door at Parkland didn't save the kids, and neither will teachers packing heat or good guys with guns — why exactly did…
Plus: A Ray Liotta movie assigned.
BONUS: Is Tom Cruise the Last Movie Star?Listen now | On this week’s special members-only bonus episode, we ask if Tom Cruise is the last legit movie star. Given the box office buzz around Top…
It's better to be wrong and have a chance to change the world than be right and accept the world as it is.
Drowning in Guns under Minority Rule (with A.B. Stoddard)Listen now | Ad-free edition
A retrospective.
The UnthinkableListen now (55 min) | Trying to figure out a way forward.
TNB Podcast: This is America on Guns [5/26/22]Listen now (60 min) | Sarah, Tim, and Amanda discuss the prospects for meaningful gun reform in the aftermath of the Uvalde and Buffalo mass shootings…
Plus, the Tangle of Trumpian Conspiracy Theories.