Our weekend mailbag
Charlie Sykes
The Newsletter of Newsletters, volume 4.
Jonathan V. Last
Amb. Eric Edelman on why foreign policy is not just ‘a logical extension of personal relationships.’
Jim Swift
Is Bipartisanship Back?Listen now (51 min) | Mike Murphy on the infrastructure deal, Manchin’s voting rights bill, Trump’s revenge tour, and more. Subscribe to The Bulwark Po…
Jonathan V. Last
Putin's MAGA Talking PointsListen now (66 min) | Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes joins to discuss Biden's European trip, whether Garland is going soft on Trump, and the NY mayoral race…
Mona Charen
Plus: What are people watching? It's a trickier question than you realize.
Sonny Bunch
The harmonic convergence of MAGA, Q, and crypto.
Jonathan V. Last
Is it naïve to be optimistic?
Charlie Sykes
Can You Say "Bipartisan Deals"?Listen now (41 min) | It's happening! (Maybe.)
Jonathan V. Last and Sarah Longwell
TNB Podcast: Juneteenth, Obamacare, and InsurrectionsListen now (61 min) | Join Mona Charen, Tim Miller, JVL, and Amanda Carpenter as they discuss Juneteenth, the ongoing need for a 1/6 commission, and th…
Amanda Carpenter, Jonathan V. Last, Mona Charen, and Tim Miller
Amanda Carpenter, Mona Charen, Tim Miller, and Jonathan V. Last
Brian Karem on Eric Swalwell’s restroom run-in with Ted Cruz.
Jim Swift