Also, No Hard Feelings' box office haul was well above its budget. I do love me a good raunch comedy.

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Serious questions.

1. How long before they simply ignore the Chinese market and make a movie and just figure if China allows it, fine, it’s a bonus, if they don’t, so what. If it offends because it doesn’t have the 9 lines or acknowledges tianemen square or whatever.

2. When will companies realize that just because Barbie made a ton that doesn’t mean we need a Ken, a skipper, an every Mattel doll movie? There isn’t anything wrong with a one off, in fact sometimes it’s fun to see something that is a standalone movie. How do they not get this. Chasing IPs has greenlit tons of transformers that crashed, the Lone Ranger, etc

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I love Frances Ha. There I said it.

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Will Oppenheimer stay on the large format screens or is there an upcoming movie that will take them? In NYC all screenings have been sold out on IMAX 70mm from the opening weekend -- will we get more dates?

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I wonder how much of 2023's year-over-year growth is just me repeatedly watching Barbie.

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This comment made me laugh:

"The collapse of the Chinese market combined with domestic boredom means that studios are going to have to think long and hard before greenlighting a nine-figure snoozefest that skates along on pre-awareness and big explosions."

"Think long and hard before greenlighting . . . pre-awareness and big explosions. . ."

Big explosions.


Someone remind me what Oppenheimer is about?


A big explosion where everyone knows what happens.


It's a historical film where there is a lot of pre-awareness.

Seems like the problem isn't just films that primarily feature big explosions or pre-awareness with the plot.

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