Would you put it in his top 5?

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I'm seeing Army of the Dead tonight in a theater like a civilized person and am very much looking forward to it. I'm sure Twitter will be a fun little place once it drops next week. Speaking of Twitter...one of my tweets is in here! Entertainment Strategy Guy was responding to me about the decision to make some money off their Adult Swim shows before tossing them into the HBO Max waters. The decision stood out to me for the reason you articulated here.

Between WB's decision and Disney trying a 45 day window for Shang Chi maybe studios are going to, you know, try to make some money the old fashion way before bringing their titles to streaming.

Of course, I'm going to need Criterion or Arrow to put out a good and proper 4K Blu-ray of Army of the Dead at some point. You have my subscription money, Netflix...now take another $20 so I can put this Snyder movie on the shelf.

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