Jan 10, 2023Liked by Sonny Bunch

I switched from cable to Hulu plus live TV for the football season because they were having a promo. It was considerably less than cable, especially when you factor in the inclusion of Hulu and Disney +. It's not as user friendly as cable. The DVR does not work nearly as well and I struggle to start games in the middle. I know what happened in the first quarter! Just put me in current time. But Uverse charged me an extra $10 for each box, plus $10 to have HD TV. Plus $10 for local channels. Plus tax (which was more than $10 a month.) Hulu is just a flat rate with no extras. My only minor complaint is I still have the "with ads" version of the Hulu itself because it's more than $20 to upgrade to live TV and Hulu without ads. (And side note: how come no streaming service includes PBS?)

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