Appreciate your review of Candyman. I’d wondered about it but hadn’t really considered seeing it. Your thoughtful review of what seems like simply another summer genre flick provides some incentive to give it a shot, even if just to compare notes. But your strong endorsement of Tapper’s book, and your thoughts on it relative to the movie made from it, makes me think my time is better spent with those important subjects and perspectives. Or, I could just take the path of least resistance and spend some time enjoying In Bruges all over again. Great post

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The original had a weirdly high number of somehow resonate takes on the Bloody Mary thing. Kind of always reminded me of Hellraiser, which also pointed to a somehow interesting alternate reality (in that case having to do with the nature of moral existence as opposed to humans and their relationship to myth). I had forgotten, if I ever knew, that Barker was the connecting tissue.

Humans and myth and mytho-history, or nowadays even the notion of virally transmitted narrative and how guilt becomes narrative seems a loss to focus solely on race for this story.

Rather, seems like Candyman is more akin, or was, to Rings, or Buried Giant.

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