Chaos and Questions for the De-Fanged NCAA

Daniel McGraw on how college sports are about to reinvent themselves.

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Chaos and Questions for the De-Fanged NCAA

DANIEL MCGRAW: Thanks to the Supreme Court’s trust-busting, the college sports industry is about to reinvent itself. Who wins?

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Tom Nichols: The Right's Anti-Vax Death Cult

On today's podcast, Tom Nichols and Charlie Sykes discuss one of our dumbest senators, the GOP's rage machine, the anti-vax surge, and the right's own cancel culture.

Will This Reform Save Our Democracy?

Katherine Gehl, co-author of “The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy” joins the panel for a meaty discussion of voting reform.

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THE TRIAD: A Depraved Indifference To Human Life 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on the right's performative anti-vax demagoguery.

THE TRIAD: "Kamala's America" and Other Republican Ideas 🔓

JVL on how to campaign in Alabama. And be a "pro-life" Republican.

SECRET PODCAST: Hot Spots Exactly Where You'd Expect 🔐

You'll never guess where the Delta variant is exploding?

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“Experiment YouTube” and the Democratization of Knowledge

ADDISON DEL MASTRO: Uncredentialed hobbyists document and discover what you can’t learn anywhere else.

Here Comes the Taliban

BRIAN KAREM: The White House anticipates an “uptick” in violence in Afghanistan as the U.S. withdraws—but rule of the country is at stake.

It’s Time to Stand Up for Documented Dreamers, Too

SAM PEAK: Kids who came to America legally are getting kicked out once they turn 21.

'Black Widow' Review

SONNY BUNCH: When is a smaller audience a better audience?

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Happy Friday! And yes, in case you were wondering, there was no TNB last night. We’ll be back next week with some new ideas for the format you’ve come to know and love.

Tired: Owning the Libs
Wired: Safe Spaces

Perennial candidate and talking head Dan Bongino has had a change of heart, as Salon’s Zach Petrizzo explains.

Please, judge, go easy on me… Paul Hodgkins has found Jesus.

“F—k Him.” How Rupert Murdoch ruined Trump’s election night by agreeing with the FNC election desk to call Arizona.

How the media makes nice people believe insane things… A must read from Ben Dreyfuss. My favorite part:

It is certainly true that Mike Flynn is crazy. MSNBC isn’t lying! But the aggregate impression that half the country is out to get you is very much not true. My mom does not need to live in fear of Conservative Kristallnacht just as Tucker Carlson acolytes don’t need to live in fear of liberals coming and forcing them to get gay married. 

There is exactly zero chance that will happen and you do not need to prepare for it, but let’s say that there was a .00001% that it was possible. How would you prepare for it? What is the action item? There is none. What are you buying with your psychic stress and frustration and worry? Nothing! When a plane crashes, people in first-class die too. If this insane thing were to happen, someone who has followed Michael Flynn’s speeches is not going to be more prepared than someone who hasn’t. The main difference is that the former wasted their precious time Before The War pulling out their hair. 

This is the thing that I find most vexing about this phenomenon. There is no utility in it! Believing the most hysterical conspiracy theories doesn’t actually get you anything. It just drives you crazy and makes you believe that half the people you see on the street when you go to the market are evil incarnate. What a sad view of the world! What an unfortunate way of going through life! The media does this. It takes from your psychic wellbeing and gives you in return nothing. 

Frying chicken in “hell pits.” The story of how deep fried chicken made its way from the USA to Korea and back to North America.

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