Communist China’s Family Values

Mona Charen on China's One Child Surrender...

Leading The Bulwark…

Communist China’s Family Values

MONA CHAREN: The emerging superpower has surrendered in its war on mothers and children.

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Scott MacFarlane: Inside the January 6th Cases

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Scott MacFarlane joins Charlie Sykes to take a deep dive into the legal cases of the January 6th insurrectionists.

ATMA: 'Cruella': Cruelty to Critics

Plus, is the end of blanket mask mandates in theaters a controversy or a nontroversy?

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MORNING SHOTS: What Is History For? 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on who is calling Tim Miller a whore.

THE TRIAD: Baseball. Disruption. And the Social Order. 🔓

JVL: Inertia is a choice.

TNL: Did Dems Let the GOP Off the Hook on the 1/6 Commission? 🔐

This week on the The Next Level, Sonny sits in for a sidelined JVL as Tim and Sarah scratch their heads as to Chuck Schumer’s strategy on the Senate’s failed effort to establish a 1/6 commission. Plus: a coup rally in Dallas and a Pride Month lightning round!

ATMA: Good and Long 🔐

There was a very silly argument on Twitter about whether or not Seven Samurai is too long. I shan’t bore you with details here, but suffice to say that the person making the argument vexed Peter, Alyssa, and me. We were greatly vexed.

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Why Are These People Calling Me a Whore?

TIM MILLER: The Never Trump divide over the biggest question in our politics.

Defending Democracy Demands Deeds

BRIAN KAREM: A source close the president says he might consider creating his own January 6 commission.

Seven Entrepreneurial Paths Toward a Democratic Majority

WILLIAM KRISTOL: Last week I proposed three theses about our current situation, basically arguing that a governing Democratic majority, consisting of…


Happy Wednesday! This week has gotten off to a fast start, and I hope it’s treating you well. My decision to pre-BBQ food for the week was a wise one. I should do this more often.

Moonlighting staffers are not new… But back in my day, they were bartenders, and they often made more than their hill salary paid. And there are limits out on outside income, so some of them would just go and do that instead. Starting salary on the hill in the early aughts was $25k. It’s not much more than that today.

Just like all talented basketball players don’t go to the NBA, not all hill staffers go on to be highly paid lobbyists. Some of them become writers at a non-profit!

America, let’s do this. Hot Biden Summer needs some free beer.

What is Josh Mandel doing? Burning a mask and walking away in the basement of a college dorm, apartment building, or seedy motel? Whatever it is, it is weird. #Freedumb

RIP TrumpBlog. It only lasted a couple Scaramuccis.

What HIPAA Isn’t. At The Dispatch, Walter Olsen breaks down the fallacious arguments from COVID conspiracy theorists and why they’re bastardizing a law to just be douchebags.

That pause…

Cookie Monster originally loved… Munchos?

Russell Moore and the “real” challenge.

The Kristol Philosophy. You’ve read him here, heard him on the podcast and on TV and radio, but a deep dive with the boss on his background and upbringing is worth your time at The New Thinkery.

Speaking of the boss… Check out his interview with Paul Cantor on Shakespearean comedy on his Conversations show.

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