COVID, the CDC, and the Power of Narrative

Sonny Bunch on why we need clean, concise messaging on vaccination now more than ever.

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COVID, the CDC, and the Power of Narrative

SONNY BUNCH: We need clean, concise messaging on vaccination now more than ever.

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Bill Kristol: On The 1/6 Testimony

On today's podcast, Bill Kristol joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss Wednesday's January 6 committee hearing, the Biden Administration's response to the delta variant, and Charlie Kirk's attack on Simone Biles.

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MORNING SHOTS: Patriots Day 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES with nine takes on Day One of the 1/6 Hearings

THE TRIAD: Get Your Mask On? 🔐

JVL on people. It's always people.

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Universal’s ‘Exorcist’ Sequels Have a High Bar to Clear

BILL RYAN: Anyone who dismisses ‘The Exorcist III’ as ‘forgettable’ hasn’t seen it in the first place.

Cheney and Kinzinger Are Too Late

MONA CHAREN: It’s great that the Republicans on the January 6th Committee have seen the truth. But what did the delay cost?

What the Jan. 6 Committee Could Mean for Trump

BRIAN KAREM: As the right wing attacks the four officers who testified in the first hearing, the new Capitol Police chief says he is proud of them.

Simone Biles Isn’t Fearless. That’s A Good Thing.

HANNAH YOEST: By demanding robotic perfection, Biles’s detractors are denying her humanity.

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Happy Wednesday! “What’s COVID?” Politico goes to Lake of the Ozarks to talk to partying Missourians who obviously aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously. For ground zero of the Delta Variant, seems to me they should be taking things more seriously than they should.

Is this double jeopardy? At The Post, Radley Balko delves into the case of the the nanny who was charged 37 years after the fact with murder for allegedly shaking a baby.

Chasten Buttigieg is not meant for Washington. As The Post reports. Not all spouses are ready for the hell-hole of Washington.

Trump was bad at bureaucracy… I know you’re shocked.

Was he joking? Are we talking about the same guy?

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