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The last two paragraphs of this review really connected with me on a spiritual level. They're you at your best.

This girl on Facebook was yelling at me last night about how great Cruella is because you know the dresses are nice and it has a lot of music. I wanted to say "that's great and I'm glad you like it, but it would be nice if you understood that you're getting excited about a marketing campaign mixed up with a terrible NYC fashion week advertisement." But alas I am a coward.

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"Now we’ve got Robocop, and that’s been an easy property to leverage! (Just ignore the third movie and the cartoon and the live-action series and the reboot.)"

I notice that Sonny didn't mention the "RoboCop: Prime Directives" TV-miniseries (separate from the weekly hourlong-show), which was actually pretty good for the most part. But yeah, toss out everything else except that and the first two theatrical films.

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