Jan 21, 2022 • 55M

Do's and Don'ts of Democracy Protection

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Mona Charen
Each week Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez, Bill Galston, Damon Linker, and a guest to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum. (Ad-free edition exclusively for Bulwark+ members.)

CATO's Walter Olson brings his libertarian insight to a discussion of voting rights and wrongs and Biden's  first year.



Slow Boring
The false "trap" of bipartisanship
Republican members of Congress seem to be increasingly interested in reaching a deal on reform of the Electoral Count Act. This is good news on several fronts. A bill with Republican Party support can pass the United States Senate, whereas a purely partisan bill will die via filibuster. It’s also good news because ECA reform is good on the merits — it won’t fix American political institutions or “save democracy,” but it will reduce the odds of a collapse, and reducing those odds is important. Passing and signing bipartisan bills also tend to be at least a little bit popular and make the president who’s doing it look good…
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The Reactionary Trap
I found James Lindsay’s Twitter account in March, just after finishing a book he co-authored about “how activist scholarship made everything about race, gender, and identity.” Like me, Lindsay considered himself a left-leaning liberal critical of the progressive turn towards identity politics. But the man I found on Twitter was not the level-headed fell…
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I Might Be Wrong
Let's Honor MLK's Birthday By Being Impotent and Embarrassing
What do people find annoying about Democrats? There’s not enough time to run through all the stuff — and I don’t mean “not enough time right now”, I mean “not enough time in the universe” — so let me list what I think are the top three things: We’re overly-influenced by an activist class that practices a weird, fundamentalist religion that’s obsessed wit…
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