Even Before Modi, India Was No Bastion of Free Expression

Anik Joshi on India's history of curtailing speech.

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Even Before Modi, India Was No Bastion of Free Expression

ANIK JOSHI: The world’s biggest democracy has a long history of curtailing speech

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David French on Factional Friendships

David French and Charlie Sykes discuss his recent essay on the decline of friendship; the debate over critical race theory, book banning, and attempted coups.

How Bad Was CPAC?

Guest host Sarah Longwell joins the group this week to discuss CPAC, Trump's speech, anti-vaxxers, and voting rights.

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A focus group with Trump voters.

MORNING SHOTS: Our Woke Book Burners 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: Books are not violence

THE TRIAD: The Mobile Revolution Comes to Conservatism Inc. 🔐

JVL: And YOU get a Freedom Phone . . . and YOU get a Freedom Phone . . .

TNB Livestream: What The Hell Happened to the Claremont Institute? 🔐

Join Laura K. Field for a deep dive into the decline of a once-respected think tank.

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Who Lost Afghanistan?

SHAY KHATIRI: In a word, politicians.

How the Party of Reagan Became the Party of Trump

BRIAN STEWART: Conservative and Republican elites mocked the populist revolt in their midst right up until the moment they embraced and enabled it.

'Pig' Review

SONNY BUNCH: Why it’s so funny that LeBron James’s ‘Space Jam’ reboot isn’t playing in China


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How do people memorize produce codes? A grocery deep dive…

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There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne… The changes in the labor market aren’t limited to restaurants.

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