Some good industry-news -- Disney will finally be releasing streaming-shows "The Mandalorian," "WandaVision," and "Loki" on physical 4K UHD Blu-Ray before the end of the year:


Now, please do "Andor" next, Disney...

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I am an older woman who loves dogs and all animals and I found Strays very funny I don’t ordinarily find poop jokes funny but the movies put everything together in a hilarious way. Yes, Will Forte’s character was awful but it was a caricature! And dogs do love mean owners.

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I was a registered Republican till 2017 so not a "liberal" except that a NJ republican would be a liberal in Alabama. The "controversy" about Sound of Freedom seems more an attempt to blame the mainstream media as a whole just because the right wants to blame the mainstream media (as a trope). I read the NY Times (my local paper - I worked in NYC till 2020). I also listen to NPR. I don't remember either mentioning the movie but they don't review every movie. Certainly Fresh Air does not.

And even the NY Times -- they apparently reviewed it, but I didn't see the review. By the way coverage of the arts has changed over the decades. 40 years ago WNBC would review movies in their 5 o'clock news. Not anymore. And 40 years ago, openings of new art shows in galleries would appear in the Sunday NY Times - not anymore.

The right wing effort to make a point about any time media does not make much of a story is a technique. And honest look at media would instead talk about how right wing media ignores much of what every other media outlet shows.

In any case the nearest movie theater to me is showing Sound of Freedom.

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