From Horror to History

Matthew Rees on a birthday, a bus accident, and a terrorist attack.

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From Horror to History

MATTHEW C. REES: A birthday, a bus accident, and a terrorist attack.

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Insurrectionist Republicans, reflections on a sad anniversary, and what if Roe is reversed

Heath Mayo, founder of Principles First, joins the regular panel to discuss abortion, insurrection, and whether the global war on terror was a mistake.

Tom Nichols on Confronting the Crazies

On today's podcast, Tom Nichols joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss Chris Christie; the Biden mandates; the thirsty politicians of Ohio; and our deeply unserious politics.

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MORNING SHOTS: 6 Takes On The Mother of Mandates 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on Justice vs. DeSantis

THE TRIAD: Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is a Huge Gamble 🔐

JVL: The politics of trying to keep people from dying.

TNB: Reflections on 9/11 at 20. 🔐

Sarah Longwell, JVL, Ben Parker, and Bill Kristol talk about that fateful September day.

SECRET POD: Mandatory 🔐

Sarah and JVL talk about the politics of the vaccine mandate. Andrew Yang’s third-party dream. And 9/11.

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Are Biden’s New Vaccination Mandates Legal?

KIMBERLY WEHLE: There will be court fights, but constitutional and statutory footing looks solid. 

On 9/11, The Political Was Personal

MONA CHAREN: Our individual reactions seemed rational. Our political reactions, perhaps less so.

9/11 Up Close. But from a Distance.

TIM MILLER: Being 19 at the end of the world.

'The Card Counter' Review

SONNY BUNCH wonders: Can Nicole Kidman entice viewers back into theaters?


Happy Friday! One of the best parts about living in Washington are the military bands, so as we think back 20 years to 9/11, this is on my jukebox today.

Being a police pilot on 9/11. A story from Mike Mountjoy, a Fairfax County police officer.

The absurdity of the Jones Act. At CATO, this dispatch from Colin Grabow is a must read:

American Seafoods Company (ASC), however, has been able to find a way around the Jones Act morass. For the past 20 years, the company has loaded fish in Dutch Harbor, Alaska onto foreign ships that are then sent to New Brunswick, Canada via the Panama Canal. From there—and this is the interesting part of the arrangement—the seafood is offloaded and placed onto a very short stretch of railroad track, taken up and down the railroad on a journey to nowhere, then offloaded again and placed on trucks for transportation to the United States.


At issue is a little‐​known part of the Jones Act called the third proviso. At its most basic, the proviso states that the law does not apply to merchandise transported between points within the continental United States, including Alaska, if the journey involves the use of Canadian rail lines. ASC states that the short piece of railroad in New Brunswick qualifies under the proviso and that the entire arrangement is aboveboard, while CBP—which has yet to comment on the matter—apparently feels differently.

ASC and its supply chain folks are being hit with fines totaling $350 million.

Let’s repeal the Jones Act. This is absurd.

ZEBRAS ON THE LOOSE! Washington loves a good animal escape story. A few years back it was a Red Panda named… Rusty. (Coincidence!) Now, it’s a bunch of Zebras in the Maryland burbs.

Why did Jim Jordan spend $38k on home security? This seems a little… strange?

A worthwhile thread on COVID, anti-vaxxers, and social media…

More on the “Ground Zero Mosque” story… At Mother Jones, a reader sends in, a story about how some of the biggest critics of building a cultural center and/or Mosque were funded by… the feds.

The old 9:30 club is coming back… As a replica. Pretty cool news for D.C. music fans.

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