G. Gordon Liddy’s Fighting Ring

Brian Karem on how the man who shut his mouth, reopened it and it never closed.

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G. Gordon Liddy’s Fighting Ring

BRIAN KAREM: He kept his mouth shut about Watergate and went to prison. Then he kept his mouth running for two decades on talk radio.

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BONUS: Fletch.

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Amanda Carpenter on the Crybaby Caucus

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Amanda Carpenter joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the GOP’s crybaby caucus, COVID passports, the Matt Gaetz controversy, “corporate communism” or fascism or whatever, the Fauci gaslighting, and the deficit and the debt.

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CHARLIE SYKES: Get ready for PizzaGaetz

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What We Can Learn from Asian Americans

MONA CHAREN: Appreciating their achievements at a time when acts of bias against them—including disturbing crimes—are on the rise.

Republican Nihilism Informs Biden’s Legislative Strategy

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: The president wants to get big things done. The GOP wants to fight culture wars.

Tribes in the Desert

BRENT ORRELL: To understand declining religious membership, look to the family.

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Come join the Bill Kristol clubhouse! If you’re into the new social media app all the kids love (I am not), Bill will join Brent Orrell and Shay Khatiri and others to talk about whether he’s tired, wired, or inspired.

Charlie Sykes on Utterly Moderate! Do tune in to hear Charlie talk with our pals Alison Dagnes and Lawrence Eppard.

One month of One America News. I’m a former OAN “Contributor” as longtime readers know. I’d go on once a week to be the reasonable conservative, hoping maybe I could reach people and pull them back from going full bore insane right. (That failed and I quit TV, the lack of any pay and deluge of hate mail wasn’t worth it.) But these poor saps at Media Matters drew the short straw and had to watch every primetime show on OAN for a month. Here’s what they found.

Who is leaving California? Our friend and former colleague David Byler has some data:

The beginning of the end of baseball radio? Blue Jays fans are going to hear the TV broadcast over the radio instead of dedicated announcers. I’m worried this trend will become popular. Granted, I was there for this, but there’s a reason people have radios in the stands, even in 2016. Radio > TV. As popular announcers retire, this will probably become more commonplace.

QAnon is depressed. Not only because of the Matt Gaetz stuff, but also the ship being freed from the Suez Canal. I am not making that up.

CICADAS ARE COMING! And if you’re into eating bugs, here are some recipes. We all eat bugs, even if we don’t intend to. But while these recipes make me want to puke, they could be useful if you want to gross out your friends.

Hoo Boy. This Jamie Weinstein podcast with Eric Metaxas is a barn burner.

Meet the guy who turned his basement into a movie rental store… And also, some thoughts from Jimmy Kimmel on the GOP’s vaccine passport hypocrisy and Trump’s new website.

Uhoh. Hopefully they didn’t get into any arms.

Wait, what? I realize “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” are gendered, but it was the 1940s. Come on. In 2021? This seems a little too woke.

The article isn’t as insane as it sounds, but it’s pretty close. I mean, Sweden had a “feminist foreign policy” is a phrase I never expected to type. Just as it’s weird when conservatives name their guns, as Newsweek’s Josh Hammer did when he was at The Daily Wire, it’s weird to think about instruments of war through a gender lens. Naming your putter if you’re a golfer (or my Ping beryllium copper 1 iron, Billy Baroo) is still a little weird, but much closer to normal.

And now, your daily moment of zenn. Courtesy of Matt Gaetz.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you again tomorrow. Thoughts, comments, questions, criticisms? Drop me a line at swift@thebulwark.com. And be sure to tune in tomorrow night for Thursday Night Bulwark!