Apr 6, 2021 • 43M

'Godzilla vs. Kong' vs. ATMA

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Sonny Bunch
Here's the elevator pitch: It's "Left, Right, and Center" meets "Siskel and Ebert." Three friends from different ideological perspectives discuss the movies and controversies (or nontroversies!) about them. Featuring bonus episodes for Bulwark+ members.

What did Sonny Bunch (The Bulwark), Alyssa Rosenberg (The Washington Post) and Peter Suderman (Reason Magazine) think of Godzilla vs. Kong? And in cons-and-nons, the gang discusses the fact that basically nobody has heard of the best picture nominees as this year’s Oscars. Note: That’s heard of, not seen. How will this impact the show’s appeal to the regular public? (Spoiler: negatively!) Make sure to check out our bonus episode about Godzilla vs. Kong's box office success and how it’ll effect movie theater stocks! (Spoiler: positively!)

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