One more movies in China story. I saw Iron Man 2 when it came out there. If you recall, the villain in that movie is a Russian scientist. Thus, the word "Russia" or "Russian" is said fairly often. However, every time those words were said, the dialogue cut out. No bleep or anything, just right in the middle of a line the dialogue would silence. This continued throughout the whole movie. To this day my friends and I can't figure out why. This was 2011, it's not like now where China and Russia are super friends. But for whatever reason China felt obligated to silence the word "Russia" from Iron Man 2

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I lived in China for several years starting in 2009. I remember seeing Avatar when it was released in Beijing and it was a huge deal, movie was sold out every night. And then without warning a few weeks after the movie was released, it vanished from theaters. The government said it was simply because the movie was no longer making money, but that was plainly false. Everyone knew the real reason: about a week after Avatar was pulled from theaters a big-budget Chinese biopic funded by the government about the life of 孔子 (Confucius) was released. It was very clear that Avatar had been pulled to clear the runway for this new movie.

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What a great interview. None of this is surprising given the nationalistic turn of China during the last decade. Regarding The Little Mermaid, one cannot underestimate how the Chinese and to a certain extent people in Asia’s perspective on beauty standards, if not outright racism.

Sonny, bless your heart on the AC situation and the heat. I remember the days of 100 plus degree with no AC. I had to check in a hotel at night as I was working long hours and just could not last that long without sleep. Hope that will be fixed soon.

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