How to Combat Trump’s Latest Lies About the 2020 Election

Dennis Aftergut on how the Arizona "audit" was just the beginning.


On “Elitism.”

Jane Coaston, one of our favorites, has a really good thread on elites, elitism, and the perception (read: hatred) of elites. Go check it out.

A little while after that thread, as she spurred discussion about all of this, Jane observed:

people want to ascend to the level of elites, but no one wants to be *termed* an elite. Which is not new in America, but is fascinating to me.

I’ve had my own personal struggles with this, and I’ve changed my line of thinking. Back when I was a 24-year-old Hill staffer, people who got mad would often call me “a Beltway insider.” Being glib, I’d observe that I lived approximately 500 feet outside the Beltway.

And, in the pre-Trump-as-president times, people who knew me would often ask me if I knew so-and-so who appears on TV and wanted to know what they were really like in person.

A few years into the Trump presidency, one of those same people snarled at me with a look of passion and anger and said “you’re just one of the elites.”

My response? “You used to like that about me.”

Most Americans don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Far fewer have worked in jobs that involve decision-making for the federal government (Hill staffers, bureaucrats, appointees, judges, clerks, etc.). And getting paid to be able to write my opinions? Even smaller. Check, check, and check. Guilty.

There’s nothing wrong with lacking a college diploma. In fact, in many careers, you can make more than many college grads. My grandfather didn’t even have a high school degree, so I am not here to judge.

Elitism is like “amnesty” in the immigration definition sense. It can mean anything to anyone and it can’t really be disproved by the party being accused.

So, why fight it? And Tom Nichols is right: it’s grievance, pure and simple.

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How to Combat Trump’s Latest Lies About the 2020 Election

DENNIS AFTERGUT: If you thought the results of the Arizona “audit” would settle anything, think again.

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How to Combat Trump’s Latest Lies About the 2020 Election

DENNIS AFTERGUT: If you thought the results of the Arizona “audit” would settle anything, think again.

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Farewell to the Tribe at “the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.”

Earlier today, the Cleveland Indians played their last home game as the Indians. Next year, as longtime readers know, they will become the Guardians. Same colors, similar logo.

The Tribe defeated the Royals, 8 to 3. Bradley Zimmer hit a home run in the 8th off of his brother Kyle Zimmer. It was fun to watch.

I tuned into the dulcet tones of the great Tom Hamilton via MLB TV on Cleveland’s WTAM in my office, where I have many signed baseballs, too many hats, signs, tickets from games like the first opening day at then-Jacobs Field, or the World Series in 1995, 1997, and 2016.

The Indians will now have never won a World Series in my lifetime. Maybe (hopefully) the Guardians will.

The script Indians logo above the scoreboard will be replaced, as will the “Block C” logo that was pushed as an alternate for years as Chief Wahoo was phased out.

It’s the end of an era. I will miss it, but since they didn’t pick "The Spiders” I’ll still be fan.

Are headaches contagious? She should be a headache for the House GOP caucus, but they embrace her.

How Mike Lee went fully anti-vaxx mandate. Remember when people took him seriously?

The messaging fight over CRT reaches silly new depths.

I’d observe that signing a lease does not make one a resident, necessarily. Usually you have to get mail there, occupy the place with the intent to make it your residence, change your driver’s license, license plates. Tell your employer that you’d like your taxes withheld at that address. Etc.

But that won’t stop Matt Walsh from going to great lengths to argue with county elected officials in a place he doesn’t live to make a living. Heck, for all we know, Walsh could have signed a $1 a week lease with a supporter / friend to rent a closet of theirs just to be a troll.

Sadly, shenanigans like this from professional outrage purveyors are likely to continue as they ramp up the war on CRT going into the midterms.

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