Is Beto O’Rourke Really the Candidate to Beat Greg Abbott?

Tim Miller throws cold water on Betomania.

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Is Beto O’Rourke Really the Candidate to Beat Greg Abbott?

TIM MILLER: Throwing cold water on Betomania.

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David Frum on What Never Trump Wants Now

On today's podcast, David Frum joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss The Former Guy riding Velociraptors; the debate over vaccines; how Democrats can keep Never Trump voters - and the problem with Bob Woodward's books.

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CHARLIE SYKES: The crazy, reckless, seditious, bigoted, and delusional

THE TRIAD: Death in Two of Its Forms 🔐

JVL on COVID and drone strikes.

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CHARLIE SYKES with your letters.

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No, John C. Calhoun Didn’t Invent the Filibuster

ROBERT ELDER: As convenient as it might be to blame the filibuster on the famous defender of slavery, the historical record is much messier.

The GOP’s Misguided Short Game

JAMES C. CAPRETTA: Refusing to help raise the debt limit—or eliminate it—is an abdication of responsibility and it carries long-term political risks.

Boris Johnson Does the ‘Blair Twist’

SHAY KHATIRI: Once chummy with Trump, the U.K.’s prime minister now embraces Biden.

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Happy Monday… Hope you had a great weekend.

JVL interviews George Will.

How a few good ‘Bastards’ from the Army National Guard helped secure the Kabul airport… This is worth 45 minutes of your time at Task and Purpose.

Storm clouds for the McCloskeys… The Missouri gun toting lawyers might lose their licenses, as this writer suggested may be the case.

The “Winnie the Pooh” Scot teaches you how to make Steak Pasties. A worthwhile recipe and also for the giggles.

Why did the CA Recall fail? Because the GOP has lost its way, as Matt Fleming explains:

What’s the problem? As much as Californians don’t like Democrats, they really hate Republicans.

While a very slim plurality of voters have an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party (49 percent), a whopping 69 percent of voters have an unfavorable view of Republicans.

To put it another way, fewer people believe in vampires (18 percent) than believe in Republicans, which is encouraging. But Republicans poll way behind the belief of the existence of alien UFOs (41 percent).

Sean Parnell hit early with oppo. Why would one say this?

The rise and ruin of Another .com bust that’s worth a few minutes of your time as a long read.

Good for Eddie Rosario! The former Indian hits for the cycle. On. Five. Pitches.

The A.I. assisted remote killing machine. How Israel assassinated an Iranian nuclear scientist, via the NY Times.

Fuck it, I quit. How an AP writer reacted to 1/6.

Your feel good story of the day.

The myth of the productive commute. I gotta say, when we debated whether to come into the office (those of us in the region) full time again, I was a strong no. 20 minutes to get on base, 50 minutes on a train, 10 minutes on metro, 3 minute walk, more or less… Three hours I could spend with my kids, wife, dogs, working? But this is a compelling read. Just remember: COVID changed everything in this respect.

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