Kevin McCarthy: Master of Strategery

Amanda Carpenter on Liz Cheney, 2022, and the referendum on Trumpism.

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Kevin McCarthy: Master of Strategery

AMANDA CARPENTER: Pushing out Liz Cheney makes it easier to turn 2022 into another referendum on Trumpism.

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Sarah Longwell: Why Courage is Contagious

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Sarah Longwell joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the McCarthy / Cheney beef, Tucker’s weird obsession with Frank Luntz, and post-truth nihilism.

ATMA: 'Without Remorse' Inspires Viewer Remorse

Plus: Lucy Liu talks representation and progress in Hollywood.

ATMA BONUS: Can the MCU Save Theaters? 🔐

Disney announced a whole bunch of Marvel stuff this week—and, most importantly, reaffirmed its commitment to theatrical moviegoing.

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MORNING SHOTS: The Right Sours On Freedom 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on why Liz Cheney won't shut up.

THE TRIAD: Is Vaccine Bribery a Good Idea? 🔓

JVL: Paying people to get the vaccine is . . . weird.

Sohrab Ahmari and the Price of “Liberalism”

ROBERT TRACINSKI: What we lost when we gave up the semantic battle over "classical liberalism."

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It’s hailing. As I type, the twins are watching Sesame Street and waiting for me to make dinner and the walls and windows sound like a hockey rink during a Bantam practice. What do I have to look forward to in the coming days? Door to door salesmen and women trying to sell me on a new roof. Winds are 35 knots. The wife and kids have decamped to the basement, but there’s no risk of a tornado, so I am staying here to finish this newsletter.

James O’Keefe dance party. I regret to inform you this is real.

Welcome to Good Faith… Our friend Ben Dreyfuss has a new Substack newsletter, and before I try to tell you why it’s good, let’s defer to him:

Welcome to Good Faith, a Substack about how social media has supercharged the culture war and driven everyone insane. The popular line is that the internet is rife with people acting in bad faith. For eight years, I was in charge of audience development at Mother Jones, which means I’ve spent a lot of time getting people hooked on politics. What I learned was that there are definitely people who do act in bad faith, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s actually a pretty small minority of people. Most people are acting in good faith—they’re just stupid and busy and tired and human.

Do give a look. Ben is good people.

WWW.CREEDTHOUGHTS.GOV/CREEDTHOUGHTS… Facebook is giving that former guy a… blog?

From Chemtrails to Forensic Audits. Quite the journey for Kelli Ward!

Check out this thread as to why what the AZ GOP is doing is so damaging.

Bombs at the CIA… Unless you’re local, you may have missed this story.

RIP JIT. The transformational supply chain theory that defined large swaths of business school for me, at least for some, is out. Time to horde!


Inside COVID Hell in India. Some commentators got this spectacularly wrong, like Candace Owens of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire website. Here’s what it’s like right now:

Owens, who despite being a truther in early 2020, even suggesting that hospitals and medical providers were inflating COVID deaths to make money, can see: they’re burning bodies in fields.

She once said “Flu and pneumonia deaths also went off a cliff. Turns out everyone is only dying of coronavirus now. Gee, I wonder why.”

Maybe Owens should fly to India after she becomes a medical doctor (or a holder of any advanced degree of any kind) and do some tests.

But, would she wear a mask?

Why anyone would hire this lunatic is beyond me.

#TeamDog. Not everyone here is on board, but how can you not be Team Dog after this?

Is recycling worth it anymore? It’s complicated.

Irony is dead. Josh Hawley, on a privately hosted chat with a media organization is… Censored, Canceled, and Silenced? This guy has a law degree from Yale? Fooled me.

But Hawley has no regrets about 1/6.

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