Mike Pence Can’t Walk Away from the Big Lie

Olivia Troye on how the VP is playing footsie with conspiracy theorists.

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Mike Pence Can’t Walk Away from the Big Lie

OLIVIA TROYE: Targeted on Jan. 6 for saying the election was valid, he now plays footsie with the conspiracy theorists. It’s in keeping with his character.

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We had no idea you guys were still around…

Republicans are so mad about President Biden’s comment about Neanderthals and COVID policy that we’re now at the point where people like Marsha Blackburn and Marco Rubio are now saying it was really offensive.

As George Conway observes: “Politicians literally coming to the defense of Neanderthals is, needless to say, a staggering self-own.”

Don’t worry, we’re not done with this cycle of performative outrage yet. Get ready for this exchange on a right wing network in the next few days:

A tale of two mothers of insurrectionists…

Here’s the mother of the QAnon Shaman:

And here’s a mother of an 18 year old who also stormed the Capitol. Apparently she has better lawyers, because looking at what appears to be her Twitter feed, I don’t think she’s truly repentant.

Come on. How do you start deprogramming people who believed the big lie, or let their kids become QAnon weirdos? I’ll give you a hint: It’s your child going to what rhymes with prizm.

I suppose it could be worse. Look at how the adults who are being charged with crimes are whining about their “unfair” treatment.

This is horrible. I remember, before we decamped to the exurbs of D.C. having to walk or carry my dog up 8 flights of stairs (I’m not very fit) when the power went out or there was an elevator problem. Now, imagine you’re elderly, and having to walk up carrying groceries that many floors because of the pandemic.

Republicans and “Doctors.” For all the attention paid to Jill Biden’s doctorate (which is legitimate) by the right’s punditry / outrage universe, it seems odd to me they’re now referring to a guy with a B.A., Theodore Geisel, as “Dr. Seuss” in columns, tweets, on the floors of the House and the Senate. Pick a lane, guys.

You can’t accuse Jill Biden of being a fake doctor and then call a guy with a B.A. a doctor. Unless you have no shame. Which…

Movie recommendation. Last night, YouTube suggested I would like this old HBO movie called By Dawn’s Early Light, and I was hooked. You might like it, too.

What about Joe? Bill Kristol joins our friend Matt Lewis on his podcast to discuss his recent column.

RonJon wasting our time.

CSPAN-2 junkies will be treated to a reading of the COVID-19 relief bill, which is 628 pages. It’s expected to last 15 hours. This is one of the tools Senators can use to slow down the Senate, but there is a possible fix, since the filibuster isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Senate can amend its rules and require any Senator who objects to waiving the reading of the bill (like Ron Johnson did), and since stopping the reading requires 60 votes, any Senator who votes to ensure the bill be read by a clerk in its entirety, be present for the entire reading.

It won’t happen, but if it did, I’d support it.

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