Was a fascinating interview this week. That they get specific critics opinions on certain movies and consumers opinions on others was interesting, even if that is kind of obvious when thinking about it after the fact. I always just kind of assumed most critics did the early preview thing to have their content ready to help spread the (hopefully) good word of mouth. I never would of thought they would try to capture those views specifically to help the movie sell better/land better with this group.

One other thing I thought of that could help: could they use this same process in the early stages of development like after the screenplay is written and they have the outlined story? Like the guest said you can get feedback and fix some things, but if it is a dud can you really fix the product that is been shot and $$$ invested to do a whole re-do.

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Jan 14, 2022Liked by Sonny Bunch

I appreciate your podcast and emails.

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