The beginning of the film takes place in Italy, not Greece.

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With regards to Memoria, I feel like I'd have more respect for the release strategy if it was what Weerasethakul was completely committed to. A film that was treated more like a work of fine art is certainly intriguing.

But I just traveled from Mexico to Colombia and in both nations Memoria is being released like any other film. Some brief research has also revealed that the film will enjoy a home video release in these countries and in others.

So it's not like people who want to watch the film in their home/on their computer/on their phone will be unable to. You just have to live outside America or be willing to be less than scrupulous about how you get your hands on a film to watch it from home.

That said, the marketing strategy has brought the film to my attention. Now I'm going to go out and drop the couple bucks needed to see the film in theaters A. because it looks intriguing and B. I get to feel like I'm enjoying a privilege that the folks in my hometown will never enjoy.

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No Time to Die was at least 40 minutes too long. The movie would've been shorter, simpler and better if they had de Armas be the new 007.

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I have been really enjoying all the positive reviews for the film. I went into No Time to Die wanting to love it as much as I did Skyfall and Casino Royal. I didn't because the story felt sluggish and the villain doesn't make any sense. That being said, what I appreciated most about it are all the things that Daniel Craig brought into it. It's pretty cool that he got to do a legit sendoff.

There is a really solid Daniel Craig documentary on Apple TV+ called "Being Bond." It's largely a promotional video but it doesn't really paper over the rough spots of the Craig run, starting with the reaction to his casting. It has a bit more bite than your standard PR affair.

Finally, Ana de Armas has such a charismatic screen presence. I felt her eager, goofy, but fully capable character felt more fleshed out than a few other characters that had more screen time.

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Since I respect your judgement, waiting for the TV version is no hardship.

I'm too lazy anyway.



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