Paul Gosar is MTG in Lifts

Plus, 'Coming 2 America' reviewed.

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Philip Rucker on The Future of the 'Very Stable Genius'

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Philip Rucker of The Washington Post joins Charlie Sykes to talk about the updates to his and Carol Leonnig’s book, A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America, and the future of Trump and Trumpism in the midterms and in 2024.

2020 Warnings for Democrats

AEI’s Kori Schake joins to discuss Biden’s Iran policy, non-white voters’ move right, and whether HR1 can solve the Democratic party’s geography problem.

Not My Party with Tim Miller


Sarah Longwell and Ben Wittes discuss what makes “A French Village” resonate so well with modern politics. Yes, it’s about Nazis. But it’s not about camps or the front lines. Instead, it’s about relatively normal, relatable people trying to come to grips with events they don’t entirely understand. It involves both cowardice and heroism, but maybe more importantly, a lot in between.

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CHARLIE SYKES wonders: Where are the centrist Republicans?

SECRET PODCAST: What Is Good Enough for HR 1? 🔐

A long show with lots of policy talk about HR 1, bipartisanship, voting rights, and . . . Dr. Seuss?

LIVESTREAM: What About Joe? 🔐

THE TRIAD: Art, Commerce, and Dr. Seuss 🔐

JONATHAN V. LAST on what we should do with relics from our past.

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'Coming 2 America' Comes to Your TV

SONNY BUNCH: Eddie Murphy's latest, reviewed. Plus: Release dates in flux. What does it mean?

Paul Gosar: MTG In Lifts

TIM MILLER: An insurrection-planning, white-nationalist-collaborating congressman remains uncensored and unchallenged. Why?

To Start a Non-Trumpist Third Party, Think Big by Going Small

SETH J. HILL: Strategic insights from the last time one of America’s two major parties fell.


Happy Friday! Let’s start off with some good stuff, about how cartoons can inspire a love of music.

Check out this crazy story in the Journal… about one of the most bizarre tax fraud cases ever filed.

I hear those things are awfully loud…

Why is he so measured?

Ainsley is *this close* to getting it.

How Did Absentee Voting Affect the 2020 U.S. Election? A working paper at Stanford that observes:

The 2020 U.S. election saw high turnout, a huge increase in absentee voting, and brought unified Democratic control at the federal level — yet, contrary to conventional wisdom, these facts do not imply that vote-by-mail increased turnout or had partisan effects. Using nationwide data, we find that states newly implementing no-excuse absentee voting for 2020 did not see larger increases in turnout than states that did not. 

Is Joe Biden Going To Overstimulate The U.S. Economy? Writing at 1945, Desmond Lachlan writes:

There is also the very real risk that, by pushing up market interest rates, the excessive Biden budget stimulus might lead to the bursting of today’s global “everywhere” equity and credit market bubble. This would seem to be particularly the case considering that these bubbles have been premised on the assumption that today’s historically low-interest rates will last forever. Being very much larger than the 2008 US housing and credit market bubble, any bursting of today’s global asset and credit market bubble must be expected to have considerable spillover effects to the U.S. and global financial system as it did in 2009.

The Antrim County election lawsuit is wild… From the Traverse City Record-Eagle:

Political operatives working on behalf of a man who filed an election lawsuit against Antrim County, identified themselves to township officials as representing Rudy Giuliani’s legal team, and accessed official election data in at least one township, according to local officials.

Court filings in Michigan and Arizona state the operatives who identified themselves as a forensics team from Dallas-based Allied Security Operations Group, visited the Central Lake Township office on Nov. 27 at 10:30 a.m. and were shown “two separate paper totals tape” from a precinct tabulator, which they later analyzed and compared.

“They made calls to township people on Thanksgiving Day to set all this up, they were strong-arming local clerks to get in and see those machines,” said Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, of the visitors.

“Some clerks said no or didn’t answer their phones,” Guy said. “And as soon as we could, we sent out an email telling the clerks not to let them in. Then we learn after the fact, they’d already been in three different locations.”

The group also visited offices in Star Township and the Village of Mancelona, officials confirmed.

Among those arriving Nov. 27 by chartered jet, was attorney Katherine Friess, a Washington, D.C. lobbyist with past ties to Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, who local officials said “bragged” about dining with President Donald Trump and Giuliani the evening prior to her arrival.

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