Roe Might Go

Kimberly Wehle on the Supreme Court agreeing to hear its first abortion case since Amy Coney Barrett succeeded Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Roe Might Go

KIMBERLY WEHLE: The Supreme Court has agreed to hear its first abortion case since Amy Coney Barrett succeeded Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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David Jolly on What Republicans Fear From the 1/6 Commission

On today’s Bulwark podcast, David Jolly joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss whether there will be a new center-right party, the 1/6 commission, and what Republicans in Congress are so afraid of.

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MORNING SHOTS: The Politics of Memory Erasure 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on the riots in Wisconsin. Did they help Trump?

THE TRIAD: Let's Talk About UFOs 🔓

JVL: The truth is out there.

TNL: What the 1/6 Commission Votes Will Tell Us 🔐

The January 6 Commission bill is on the tracks. How many Republicans will support it?

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100 Years After Its Creation, the Federal Budget Process Needs Updating

JAMES C. CAPRETTA: The law creating the modern budget process was enacted in 1921. In 2021, it’s badly in need of reform.

Why America Needs a January 6 Commission

AMANDA CARPENTER: Our last best hope for a baseline of truth.

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Happy Wednesday! Appreciate all of your kind notes about yesterday’s newsletter. I’m not normally a guy who asks for prayers, but a family friend just became a Catholic priest. So, if you’re inclined, please offer a prayer or two for Fr. Winings.

Squirrels are amazing.

Michael Jordan is an asshole. One of the greats? Sure. But I remember when he was in St. Louis for his son’s basketball camp. A friend of mine, an off-duty cop, was assigned to protect him. At the end of the night, MJ handed him a $5 bill. As my friend reported to me at the time, he’d of had more respect if MJ didn’t give him anything.

You know what’s cool? Jail.

Never ask a car guy questions…

What happened to J.D. Vance? An ongoing series…

Good for Rep. Meijer…

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