Jan 5, 2021 • 40M

'Soul' Reviewed, Plus: A Special Look at Bruce Willis's Filmography

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Sonny Bunch
Here's the elevator pitch: It's "Left, Right, and Center" meets "Siskel and Ebert." Three friends from different ideological perspectives discuss the movies and controversies (or nontroversies!) about them. Featuring bonus episodes for Bulwark+ members.

On the latest episode of Across the Movie Aisle, Sonny Bunch (The Bulwark), Alyssa Rosenberg (The Washington Post), and Peter Suderman (Reason) discuss the strange late-career filmography of Bruce Willis and the surge in stars cashing in on their personae for straight-to-DVD-and-VOD projects. And they review Pixar’s new piece of emotional terrorism, Soul. Is it good for kids and adults? Does it avoid answering the tough, and touchy, questions that it raises? All this and more on today’s episode!