The Apocalypse Never Dies, It Just Gets Weirder

Thomas Leacque on the mix of right wing conspiracy theories and evangelicalism, and why it is becoming more toxic.


All hail the sudden death wild card game!

Apparently, people hate it! But I’m among those who love it. While I’d prefer, as an Indians fan, to pretend the 1997 season never happened, the Cardinals are one of four teams to win the wild card… and then win it all. That 2011 World Series was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Heck, so were the Nats in 2019.

Even though the result wasn’t to my liking, Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, which I got to see in person, was one for the memory books. Wild card teams make things interesting. And tonight, I’ll be celebrating my birthday watching my college-town Cardinals, home of my wife and my late grandmother, cheering on the red birds. Should they pull it out, perhaps I can orchestrate a friendly bet with ou

Let’s Go Cards!

Leading The Bulwark…

The Apocalypse Never Dies, It Just Gets Weirder

THOMAS LECAQUE: Steve Bannon is talking to a gun cult. Dozens of QAnon adherents are running for Congress. The mix of conspiracy theories and evangelicalism is becoming more toxic.

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Josh Kraushaar: Everything is Political, Everything is Tribal

Sinema's silence gets decoded, and The Big Lie officially becomes The Great Grift. Josh Kraushaar joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast and breaks down the neck-and neck governor's race in Virginia and the politics of Arizona.

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MORNING SHOTS: We Live In An Age of Grift 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES has an update on civility, which is having a bad week.

THE TRIAD: China Is Probably More Dangerous Than We Realize 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: Declining powers are willing to take risks.

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Is Russia Un-Losing the Cold War?

SHAY KHATIRI: Three decades of weaponized corruption have degraded the West.

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On the jukebox… Really looking forward to the Richard Ashcroft album next month.

We’re gonna see a lot more of this. Sadly.

OAN’s Sugar Daddy… It’s AT&T. Heck, it might even be you. Or me. I pay for FIOS and they carry this insanity. And full disclosure, I went on the channel probably 5 dozen times in the pre-Trump era for precisely $0 and a lot of free hatemail. Which is why I don’t do TV anymore. See if you can guess what went wrong here:

“Conversations like this can be intense…” I wish Twitter issued this warning for all of my tweets.

WTF is going on in Idaho? Idaho’s Lt. Gov. is making Al Haig blush.

Boooooo! This is what happened when Lindsey Graham promoted vaccines to GOP voters. Why do the leopards keep eating my face, he wondered?

10 years later… We’re still at it!

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