Peter Meijer is an example of why I've lost patience trying to understand "normie" Republicans and their motivations. Shit, Brett Stephens is at least willing to drop acid in order to bring himself to vote for Biden, Why can't we find more courage like that?

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Nov 7, 2023Liked by Charlie Sykes

Checking in to see where The Bulwark crow buffet will be served for all of those people that ended up on the fainting couch as Dems played hardball to take out "Good Republican" Peter Meijer.

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No one who has been following Trump's behavior over the past eight years can claim to be surprised by his courtroom antics. Whether it is intentional or simply him giving in to his primal urges is open to debate. But unquestionably it is Trump engaging in a sort of (free, of course) publicity campaign for his person and his brand. The Professional Victim plays the victim card in as high profile of a manner as he can, slathered in overly generous dollops of self-pity and grievance to make it more appetizing to his followers. Because he knows that this is the fuel that fires his rocket. As long as he can keep them wallowing in grievance and victimization, they are able to look past facts as if a secondary (or worse) priority in the evaluation of Trump as both a politician and as a person. How convenient for them. How pathetic for the rest of us.

No less pathetic is how familiar all this is, inverted. A generation ago the political right expressed its frustration and outrage about the far left engaging in political correctness and grievance-based agendas. It was what enabled Rush Limbaugh to become more than just Jeff Christie, a Pittsburgh radio DJ spinning musical hits and misses. It also gave us far more of Ted Nugent than we ever needed to hear outside of the musical realm and Newt Gingrich going from a bank-bench legislator to Speaker. Yet here they are now, wallowing in it all as if hogs in filth, gleefully playing those cards for all they are worth. As others before have said, there's little new in the developments of our world so much as there are variations on existing themes, reinterpreted for the benefit of the (bad) actors who both seize and hold the stage.

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The GOP is not only personally, politically and morally bankrupt from top to bottom, it is certifiably insane. Trump should be impeached, but I am all in for Trump 2024. Hello??? And these are the “normies”???

Unfortunately these “leaders” have all gone mad because their voters have. I fear we may get what we deserve, the most repressive, dictatorial autocracy imaginable, and soon. I never thought I would see this, but it could well be coming. The “right” and beyond the “right” has lost its mind. We are not the crazies, right Charlie?

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Charley - I will say briefly what I said on JVL's post.

The polls are incompetently done. The methodology is terrible.

This is the same poll that said Roe v Wade would not be a factor in 22.

When you have demonstrably false/incomplete data, you can draw NO conclusion except to say the data is bad.

When you give it air time, you are helping Trump by giving it legitimacy and creating despair.

Why do that?

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"At one point, Judge Engoron pleaded with the ex-president’s lawyer: 'I beseech you to control him if you can.'

"But that’s the point. You can’t control him. And that was on full display yesterday."

There is a way to control Trump. It's just the way to do so shouldn't be discussed in polite company and hasn't been used yet.

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

Re: Trump as national security risk: There isn't a ghost of a chance that Trump could pass muster for any security clearance in the US government, yet he can be elected POTUS and, as Jill Lawrence points out, pardon those who have been convicted of posing a security threat. Putin was really on to something when he decided to back Trump for POTUS.

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“Naturally, he followed up his performance by fundraising off it, sending out an email to supporters proclaiming that “America has descended into utter tyranny” and that “right before our very eyes, our once beautiful Republic is being transformed into a Marxist tin-pot dictatorship where Crooked Joe’s regime has weaponized the legal system against not only a former president (your favorite, I might add), but against the very citizens he swore an oath to protect.”

Two words: Projection much????

As for Hamas, they are a terror organization that needs to be eradicated. That said, I feel the same way about Netanyahu and his right-wing government that wants to expel Palestinians from the West Bank and push them into Jordan.

Religious fanatics of any religion are the antithesis of good government and good policy decisions. There is no place for religious zealots in government, period.

My only question is what the Gaza looks like if Israel can annihilate Hamas? Are we back to the status quo? If so, expect much of the same in two to three years: Hamas or some new terrorist organization attacks. Israel responds more ferociously, implementing even greater restrictions on Palestinians and its Rinse, lather repeat. Except each time technology improves and more innocents die or suffer severely.

Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

I’m done with the insanity on both sides. Time for the international community to force a solution that neither side may love, but both can live with.

Just some thoughts...:)

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Judge Engeron can 'beseech' Trump's two lawyers all he wants and they won't lift a finger to stop the Trump Show. Kise already has his three million banked, and Halina Babba is auditioning for a bigger role in Cable media to find her three million. Plus she's as crazy as Trump, but smart enough to know Trump will make her a whole lot more money than litigating parking lot problems. Trump's attorneys perfectly represent the fraud that is Trump's brand.

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How do so many followers think this whining mini-man is someone to follow? Strong men don't whine and whimper as Charlie describes: "Here was the former president under oath in a trial that threatens to unravel his empire of fraud. And it went about as you might expect: the belligerent vitriol, bravado, grievance, and insults; the filibustering, logic-rapes, tangents, boorishness, bullshit, and, of course, the lies. Trump seethed and exploded." And this guy polls higher than our current president? WTF?

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Trump displayed his usual bluster, deflect and basically decided he and he alone knows the value of any and all real estate simply by looking at it. Too bad he did not admit in court how much he owes the Scottish government for back taxes and his promise to build housing in the area around his golf course is under scrutiny. He lied, again!

He did admit several things yesterday under oath. 1) he was NOT president in 2021 when taxes were due.

2) Every one with power in Trump Org. was responsible for the false docs.

3) He is as insane as we thought!

Jill Lawrence was an excellent read this AM.

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I thought you were kidding about the fundraising email Trump sent out until I went and read it. The cult really has been conditioned to believe anything. How do these people even feed and clothe themselves?

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Just a note. While our election is not as sexy as all the others, we are voting today. I realize North Carolina has monumental issues, but we are, as of today, still allowed to vote.

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The fact that Peter Meijer's first interview was on "Real America's Voice News" is stunning and speaks volumes.

The three-year-old "network", which, according to former employees, internally cops to being Trump propaganda, got its start by platforming Steve Bannon's "War Room". This was what enabled the grift that got him indicted and then pardoned by Trump. It's run by Robert Sigg, a convicted felon with a considerable rap sheet of petty crimes ranging from DUI to burglary and domestic violence.

Oh, and in 2012 his psychopath 17-year old son Austin murdered and dismembered a 10-year old girl. Seriously. He's now serving life in prison.

I'm sure that last part in no way reflects on his character, and is entirely unrelated to the fact that he runs a fake news chopshop that employs Steve Bannon and whose mission is to support Trump.

As usual, Trump's orbit is full of tremendous people. All the best people.

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Wonderful allusion to Macbeth, Charlie.

I can't resist completing the quote since it fits TFG's courtroom performance so well:

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

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Trump's testimony suggests a new question for his supporters: "Do you believe, as he asserts, that he won all 50 states in 2020?"

Follow up question: "If these indictments are all politically inspired witch-hunts, why is every single witness against him a Republican, and almost all of them, people who worked for his administration or campaign?"

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