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the Academy Library is the most amazing and magical place to be. I went there so often for the producer I worked for, did his research and I got to play, woowoooo. Besides reading actual final scripts complete with gutter notes which is incredible, you get a full picture to how a silent and talkie films were planned, crewed and shot. The only other entertainment industry library that filled me with incredible historical and research joy was Warner Bros library. Letters from Bette Davis annoyed at studio head because she wasn't chosen for GWTW and how he then placated her with Jezabel and Henry Fonda, so juicy! she was so fierce, wheww! and scary. All the archived correspondence at both libraries were eye opening and further displayed the history of 'The Industry'.

a great show, fun show Sonny👍🥰

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Thanks for making me smile after a very long week wherein I moved my home and all that entails. Better still, I ordered the book -- in hardcover.

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