The FBI Did It? LOL

Tim Miller on MAGA's newest insurrection conspiracy theory.

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The FBI Did It? LOL

TIM MILLER: Understanding MAGA's newest insurrection conspiracy theory.

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Joanne Lipman on the Great Reopening

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Joanne Lipman joins Charlie Sykes to discuss her recent item: "The Pandemic Revealed How Much We Hate Our Jobs. Now We Have a Chance to Reinvent Work."

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MORNING SHOTS: Two More Reasons We Need a 1/6 Commission Now, More Than Ever 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: How bad was Helsinki? Worse than you remember.

THE TRIAD: How Conservatives Pick Democracy's Pocket 🔓

JVL: The insanity is strategy.

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The War on Critical Race Theory: A Quagmire

JIM SWIFT: Partisans have been itching for a new culture war. CRT might be just what they’re looking for.

Biden’s Military Proposal Isn’t Up to the China Challenge

SHAY KHATIRI: Seven things to know about the Biden administration’s Department of Defense budget request.


Is Infrastructure Week finally here?

We’ll see, but statements like these are not common in the Senate. A lot can go wrong, but it seems clear that there is at least some agreement on a total.

I lack the faith… That Arkansas is going to flip blue, but this is a compelling ad.

Questioning Industrial Policy… Scott Lincicome and Huan Zhu at CATO have this worthwhile (and very long!) working paper explaining why government manufacturing plans are “inefficient and unnecessary.”

Here’s a taste of the conclusion:

Surely, not every U.S. industrial policy effort has ended in disaster, but facts here and abroad argue strongly against new government efforts to boost “critical” industries and workers and thereby fix alleged market failures. Such efforts warrant intense skepticism – skepticism that today is unfortunately in short supply.

Yikes… If you didn’t think Tucker Carlson was crazy enough about the insurrection, can I present the latest from Paul Gosar?

Getting anti-trust decidedly wrong… A must read from friend and former neighbor Patrick Hedger:

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