The GOP’s Alternate Reality Industry

Brian Karem on Eric Swalwell’s restroom run-in with Ted Cruz.

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The GOP’s Alternate Reality Industry

BRIAN KAREM: Plus, Eric Swalwell’s restroom run-in with Ted Cruz.

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George Packer on How America Fractured

On today's Bulwark podcast, George Packer joins Charlie Sykes to discuss his new book Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal, and describes the four different Americas.

BGTH: Summer Reading!

SONNY BUNCH: Pick up these movie books for your beach-reading pleasure.

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MORNING SHOTS: The Propaganda Loop Comes Full Circle 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: Eight takes on a busy day

THE TRIAD: Meet a Woman Who Gives Hope for America 🔐

Immigrants. They get the job done.

TNL: The FBI Conspiracy Theory and Token MAGAs 🔐

Sarah, Tim, and JVL dig into the hot new 1/6 theory. Then we talk about the weird MSM welfare program for neo-confederate racists.

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Not My Party: NYC Mayoral Race Mayhem

TIM MILLER: The New York City mayoral race isn't looking good fo defund-the-police progressives.

Federal Laws Against Pot Are on Borrowed Time

DANIEL MCGRAW: Virtually all Americans oppose strict marijuana laws, meaning change has never been more likely.

A Nonsensical Case Against NATO

BRIAN STEWART: The alliance remains a vital force for stability and security.

Pennsylvania’s Conspiracy Kiss-Up Contest

AMANDA CARPENTER: To win Donald Trump’s endorsement, candidates for the state’s two major 2022 races embrace his big election lie.

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So much boot licking…

It’s not too late… To avert a historic shame, writes George Packer in The Atlantic. Abandoning the translators that helped coalition forces would almost certainly condemn people to death. Time for the Biden administration to step up.

Maybe Republicans should have worked a little harder on a legislative response to Obamacare? Because even the much ballyhooed justices Trump appointed aren’t going to stop it.

Today in 1994… It was one of the craziest days in sports history. Also, That Former Guy was actually at the little-watched Hasselhoff PPV concert, because he was hosting it.

“And now look at me…”

Why is it that Relief Factor seems to be hawked mainly by Trump sellouts on the radio who aren’t even good at convincing you they suffer from massive pain? 🤔

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