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I noticed that Lowry guy is really good at making interesting fifteen minute sequences to end a movie. He had one in "Ghost Story," which is a movie I enjoyed much more than this one.

This Average Joe movie watcher couldn't stand most of Green Knight. Dev Patel is likable, but I didn't think he had nearly the weird energy to do something like this. I hated the odd-anti plot, and completely understand what you said about incoherent motivations. I didn't even think it was the visually pleasing. It had a unique general look, but there was never a moment that made me feel any amazement. I saw it on a Tuesday night with six other people in the audience, and I think they disliked it as least as much as I did...I heard a kindly old woman muttering to her son about metaphors. I think you're also completely right that people aren't going to connect with this.

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I don't care if it's horrible. I'll watch almost anything now as long as it isn't

1. a superhero movie.

2. A sequel prequel

3. A spinoff

4. A kids movie

5. Something based on a tv show or a ride at Disney

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