The Real Point of the Arizona Audit

Amanda Carpenter on the big show.

Leading The Bulwark…

The Real Point of the Arizona Audit

AMANDA CARPENTER: It’s all a big show.

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🎧 On the Pods… 🎧

Denver Riggleman on Our Pandemic of Conspiracy Theories

On today's podcast, Denver Riggleman and Charlie Sykes discuss this weekend's CPAC, and the power of conspiracy theories about vaccines and stolen elections.

Behind the log pile (Season 3, Episodes 11 & 12)

It’s the season 3 finale! Sarah and Ben discuss Season 3, Episodes 11 & 12.

For Bulwark+ Members… 🔐

MORNING SHOTS: Jesus, Guns, COVID Denialism 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: CPAC was a weekend of Deplorable Mad Libs

THE TRIAD: Should We Blame the Demagogues or the People? 🔐

JVL on the chicken and egg question of American politics..

WEEKEND SHOTS: The Big Lie is Spreading 🔓

NEWSLETTER OF NEWSLETTERS: The Internet Keeps Screwing Middle-Class Workers 🔓

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From The Bulwark Aggregator…

In Today’s Bulwark...

Who’s Actually Responsible for the “Culture War”?

TIM MILLER: Is it really the liberals?

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The big lie morphs to find a new election… That hasn’t even occurred.

Meet Charlie Kirk’s shadow advisor…

Read the whole thing.

Save the Guggenheim Westie! Of course, as the proud owner of a Westie, I am biased. But a fascinating look at some dog art. Remember, God loves a terrier. (God loves all dogs.)

RIP Doug Mataconis. One of the bloggers I’ve been following since blogs became a thing passed away. This comes as a bit of a shock to his readers, as Doug was a very private guy, I’m told, but I will miss his observations. He was one of those people you wanted to meet and expected some day you might, but now, never will.

What the hell happened to T-PAW?

Wistful for War: The Flawed Nostalgia of the Steel Playground Slide… Writing at Ordinary Times, John David Duke Jr. destroys the mistaken nostalgia for parts of playgrounds past.

Christian Yelich was out. I’m sorry, Brewers fans. This was the correct call.

This however… is garbage umpiring.

A good rule of thumb…

Comic of the day…

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