The Republican Triangle of Doom

The latest episode of my new limited-series podcast, The Focus Group with Sarah Longwell, dropped today and it’s a doozy. I’m joined this week by reluctant focus group watcher Bill Kristol. Listen for yourself to see why Bill recommends this episode:

Twitter avatar for @BillKristolBill Kristol @BillKristol
Come for the clips of the voters explaining themselves, stay for @SarahLongwell25's excellent commentary and analysis, drink if you get depressed (as you should!) as the meaning of (Sarah's phrase) "The Republican Triangle of Doom" sinks in.…

Sarah Longwell @SarahLongwell25

The second episode of The Focus Group is live! @BillKristol⁩ joins me to hear from a group of conflicted voters who ultimately decided to vote for Trump or went third party. What kept them from voting for Joe Biden? Listen.

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