The Shield of the Republic Has Risen!

Introducing The Bulwark's newest podcast.

Dear Bulwarkers,

Can there be too many of a good thing?

We're testing that proposition. You already love our podcasts—Charlie’s flagship show, Mona’s Beg to Differ, Sarah, Tim, and JVL on The Next Level, and Sonny’s Hollywood analysis.

Two weeks ago we added Sarah's terrific new show, The Focus Group, which you've greeted—as you should!—with great enthusiasm.

Now we've got yet another—and yet another very high-quality—podcast joining The Bulwark stable: 

Shield of the Republic debuts today (you can listen to the first episode here) and it’s hosted by two experienced, thoughtful, and lively national security experts, Eric Edelman and Eliot A. Cohen.

They're both good friends of mine, so I'll admit I'm biased—but this is the truth: If there's foreign policy news or a suddenly important national security debate, Eric and Eliot are among the very first people I turn to for enlightenment. They've served at the highest levels of government, they know history, and they know the world.

But—and this is unusual for individuals of their stature—they're also willing to be contrarian and unconventional.

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The world isn't getting any safer, and you'll want to know more about the challenges we face, how we're doing in meeting them, and what's lurking around the corner.

So take a listen today to Shield of the Republic. You'll enjoy it and you'll learn from it.


Bill Kristol