The State Assault on Voting Rights Hurts All of Us

Michael Steele and Carlos Curbelo on how the GOP are cynically supporting anti-voting measures.

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The State Assault on Voting Rights Hurts All of Us

MICHAEL STEELE AND CARLOS CURBELO: Republicans are cynically supporting anti-voting measures that will ultimately hurt both parties—and our country.

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Denver Riggleman on our Hold My Beer Politics

On today’s Bulwark podcast, former Rep. Denver Riggleman joins Charlie Sykes to talk about the state of our “hold my beer” politics, the GOP’s assault on voting rights and how they’ve weaponized “stop the steal”, and what it’s like voting your conscience in Congress.

SECRET PODCAST: The Birx Rehabilitation Tour 🔐

JVL and Sarah talk about Dr. Deborah Birx and consequences.

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MORNING SHOTS: "Ret Conning" Trumpism 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on Dr. Birx’s transformation, plus, Georgia's original sin.

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THE TRIAD: Shame on Deborah Birx 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST: She wasn't doing her best in a bad situation. She was aiding and abetting the federal government's COVID disaster.

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BILL RYAN: Charles Willeford’s novels portray the weird and evil as no more of a spike on the EKG of everyday life than eating breakfast or reading a magazine.

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Hope you’re having a good Monday… and had an enjoyable weekend. I did some indoor camping with the wife, twins, and dog, and we even made some Toas-Tites.

Elizabeth Warren oversteps… Patterico has a good take on her Twitter spat with Amazon.

How many people died because of a family feud? America’s largest COVID swab manufacturer, as Bloomberg reports, has been in a family feud that probably resulted in a non-zero number of unnecessary deaths.

Donald Trump, toast giver. This speech is amazing. In that it was amazingly inappropriate for a wedding. Immediately, I thought: oh, how bad for the couple. But then I reconsidered: who wants to get married at Mar-A-Lago? In my faith tradition, the wedding is typically held at the bride’s parish, and the reception is there, too. There are of course, exceptions. But I looked up the groom, and as a Trump superfan whose dad is friends with Donald Trump, and having both golfed with him, I bet the men ate it up. The bride? Who knows. But she knew what she was marrying into, tacky as this cameo was.

What I can’t decide is: Is this more Wedding Crashers, Old School, or Wedding Singer? Perhaps bits of all three.

How much is that doggy in the window? Katrina Gulliver delves into the rise in demand for pandemic puppies.

I regret to inform you… Michelle Bachmann is at it again.

Ever Free. The Ever Given is free! While this meme may die off, please enjoy the ability to aidrop the Ever Given in a local body of water near you. And this Sea Shanty. And here, at WSJ is why the “Super Moon” may have helped.

This week in amazing carpet bagging from former professional wrestlers.

Come on.

The GOP attack on voting rights. Writing in Reason, Matthew Harwood argues:

Members of Congress now have a choice. They can see what Republican state legislatures are doing and consider using their power under the Elections Clause to do something about it. Republican members can put principle over party, recognizing that it may harm their electoral chances in the short term.

I wonder what they’ll choose.

Vaccine passports. There’s going to be a lot of talk about this in the coming months. I’d point you to two good reads at Bloomberg on how they’re going to be a gold ticket for travel, and, also, how, logistically, they’ll be difficult to implement.

Had we done a better job of implementing REALID, this likely wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it is now with easily forged postcards.

Florida Man Ron DeSantis (who is also governor) is blustering against the idea, saying he’ll do everything he can to prevent them from happening. He is also threatening to sue the Feds if they don’t allow cruise ships to go YOLO once again. Which sets up an inevitable conflict.

But hey, at least he had a band at his press conference. No, seriously. I am not making this up.

Will be interesting to see if DeSantis, like many other Republicans, goes from decrying #BakeTheCake to forcing private businesses to do something they don't want to do.

Womp Womp. Sorry, Boomer insurrectionist. Jail is supposed to be hard.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Senator James Lankford just found out what playing patty fingers with the insurrectionist right and backing off results in: a primary challenge. Hope it was worth it, Senator!

How North Korea gets its oil. The New York Times does a deep video dive.

The Cows of Fukushima. I remember where I was in my office in the Longworth House Office Building when we got word of the tsunami. That was 10 years ago. Here are some interviews with folks from the area, a decade after the disaster, at VICE news.

Last but not least… A great rundown of why failed AZ Congressional candidate, Twitter shitposter, and sometimes guest on Tucker Carlson Jesse Kelly is a $60.8 Million Tapeworm. It may be from last year, but it still holds.

That’s it for me for today. Questions, thoughts, observations? Drop me a line: