The Strategic Silence of Mike Pence

Amanda Carpenter wonders: Complicity, cowardice, or nihilism? (Or all three?)

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The Strategic Silence of Mike Pence

AMANDA CARPENTER: Complicity, cowardice, or nihilism?

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Jonathan Allen on the Post Impeachment GOP

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Jonathan Allen joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the future of the post-impeachment GOP, bipartisanship under President Biden, and what might happen to the filibuster.

Emergency Impeachment Podcast

On a special emergency impeachment podcast, Mona Charen, Tim Miller, and JVL join host Charlie Sykes to talk about tonight’s impeachment vote.

Convict Him

Jay Nordlinger joins to discuss the impeachment trial, the Romney plan for families, and the firing of Don McNeill from the NYTimes.

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Time to Attack Child Poverty

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: It’s a moral travesty and a drag on the rest of the economy.

What Comes Next?

WILLIAM KRISTOL: “The strong and slow boring of hard boards.”

Trump’s Acquittal Is an Ignominious Failure

JIM SWIFT: The case to convict Trump was a slam dunk. Today’s verdict of not guilty is a dereliction of historic proportions.

On ‘Hatred’ and the Trump Impeachment

MONA CHAREN: The trial isn’t about Trump as a person. But it is just and wise to hate his wicked words and deeds.

Mitch McConnell’s Missing Conscience 

TIM MILLER: If voting for the conviction of Donald Trump, insurrectionist, is an act of conscience, what does it mean when McConnell says he'll vote to acquit?

The Whataboutist Defense of Trump’s Violent Political Rhetoric

ADAM J. WHITE: His lawyers’ everybody-does-it argument doesn’t exonerate him—but it does remind us of the importance of rejecting such rhetoric.


Happy President’s Day! Hope you had a great weekend. Minus the whole impeachment vote.

Why is Josh Mandel code switching? I’ve known Josh and he does not talk like this normally.

At least Hillary Clinton, famous for code switching, once lived in Arkansas. Josh Mandel is from Beachwood, Ohio. Weird.

Speaking of Ohio… What happens on the islands in Lake Erie when there’s an emergency in winter?

When the lake freezes, you have to use swamp-style craft to travel safely. In fact, one cold winter, a man walked to Canada across Lake Erie.

Let’s stick with Ohio… The Hahnaissance is upon us. Former Clevelander Kathryn Hahn is killing it.

While we’re on the topic of cold weather… This story is insane: He survived an avalanche by clinging to a tree. Then he started digging for his girlfriend.

And things can quickly go wrong if you’re not sure of the ice’s thickness.

That’s it for me for today. Hope you enjoy the holiday. We’ll be back tomorrow, but drop me a line if you have any questions, comments or concerns: