The Truth According to Kari Lake

Amanda Carpenter on the kooky AZ gubernatorial hopeful.


SOMEWHERE OVER KENTUCKY— I hate flying. To be more precise, I hate the act of travel. Except when I’m alone, which is pretty much never.

The family is jam packed on a Southwest jet to Texas and I’m trying to knock out the newsletter before we land because we have a long drive ahead of us… because it’s Texas. And that’s after we land, rent the car, the car seats, etc.

Pandemic travel is weird, too. I joked to my seatmates (don’t worry, the twins and wife are across the aisle) whether we should take bets on COVID freakout arrests. So far so good. Not offering any alcohol and limiting your options to Coke, 7 Up, Diet Coke, and water seem to make sense, too. I, too, yearn for the days when the biggest controversy about flying was about reclining seats, which always freaks me out since it could very well destroy my computer and render me unable to work. [Related: Make sure to follow Tom Nichols’s 6 rules for flying.]

Just as restaurants pared back their menus during the pandemic, so too, did the airlines. When things, if things, return to normal, will this just be the norm? Or can I get Dr. Pepper again? I’m going to Texas after all.

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The Truth According to Kari Lake

AMANDA CARPENTER: The MAGA candidate for governor of Arizona believes some strange things.

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James Carville and Tim Miller: Some Tough Love for the Dems

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B2D: “I Resent Being Called Cheerful.”

George F. Will joins Beg to Differ’s panel to discuss his new book, and also whether Facebook should be regulated, and the Democrats' hopes for social welfare.

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CHARLIE SYKES: Yes, Trump would have shredded the constitution

THE TRIAD: Democrats Have a Big Problem with Hispanic Voters 🔐

JVL: It's worse than it looks.

TNB: Facebook, Finsta, and Kyrsten Sinema 🔐

JVL, Sarah, Tim, and special guest Benjamin Wittes from Lawfare discuss Facebook and Congress’s recent hearings as well as Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and her role as a Senate swing vote. Plus: Rankings.

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Fifteen Years After Her Assassination, Anna Politkovskaya Remains a Symbol of Journalistic Courage

CATHY YOUNG: The Putin critic was gunned down in October 2006.

Paul Simon, American Scribe

ADDISON DEL MASTRO: The singer-songwriter from Queens—who turns 80 next week—took in everything and chronicled his society.

‘Lamb’ Review

SONNY BUNCH: The most-A24 movie ever released.

SCREEN TIME: 'No Time to Die' Review

SONNY BUNCH: Plus, Neon offers up an exciting new distribution model: egregious scarcity!

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Today’s Overtime is going to be a little shorter. I want to be respectful of my seatmates and typing is hard in a full capacity plane and when the person next to you isn’t kin. I am hunched over my keyboard typing like a T-Rex with tiny arms. One of our neighbors did teach me the trick about how to unlock the aisle armrest. There’s a little trigger under it, and you push it forward. The more you know!

Plus, I have to install some car seats in hot Texas weather.

Speaking of flying… This falcon’s flight was tracked and it’s just amazing how far she flew and how fast.

Boom, roasted.

Turning the Titan missile key. What it was like being a Cold War missile silo operator.

Peter Thiel isn’t just bankrolling this Senate candidate… He’s actually on his payroll. (And no, not J.D. Vance.)

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here tomorrow. Tech support questions? Email Questions for me? Drop me a line:


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