This Is What Trump-Biden Voters Think About the Republican Party

Rich Thau warns: It's not very nice.

Leading The Bulwark…

This Is What Trump-Biden Voters Think About the Republican Party

RICH THAU: Spoiler: It’s not very nice.

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David French on Gun Fetishism, Cancel Culture, and the Media

On today's Bulwark Podcast, David French joins Charlie Sykes to talk about the right's gun fetishism, cancel culture, and the mistakes of our media.

ATMA: The Snyder Cut, Reviewed

Plus: Borat 2 is getting a bunch of nominations. Why on Earth?

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CHARLIE SYKES on Sidney Powell's confession.

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JONATHAN V. LAST on so much #losing.

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From The Bulwark Aggregator…

In Today’s Bulwark...

The Georgia Shootings and America’s Misogyny Crisis

HANNAH YOEST: Opposition to the Violence Against Women Act is part of a larger Republican hypocrisy about masculinity, guns, and hatred of women.

America Turns Tough on China

SHAY KHATIRI: Last week, Antony Blinken stared down Chinese diplomats at the Alaska conference. This week, he announced sanctions on officials behind the Uighur genocide.

The Return of the Communion Wars

JIM SWIFT (Me): John Kerry dealt with this during the 2004 campaign—but he lost. Biden will have to deal with it while he’s in office.

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Today’s OVERTIME is gonna be shorter than usual…

Why? I’ve been watching Regent University’s conference on “election integrity” (their dean is former MN Rep. Michele Bachmann) for close to seven hours.

Featured speakers include:

  • Eric Metaxas (Childrens’ book author)

  • Ben Carson (Medical Doctor and former Secretary of HUD.)

  • John Fund (WSJ)

  • Hans von Spakovsky (The Heritage Foundation)

  • Jay Ashcroft (Missouri Secretary of State)

  • Jim and Joe Hoft (far right conspiratorial website Gateway Pundit.)

  • Peter Navarro (conspiratorial leftist economist who worked for Donald Trump on his disastrous trade war.)

Graphic design is his passion!

  • Kris Kobach (former KS Secretary of State who spearheaded Trump’s failed 2016 voter integrity effort.)

  • Mark Steyn (Canadian commentator who loves cats.)

It was a total shit show to promote The Navarro Report:

Stay tuned! I hope to have a full report tomorrow on this crazy.

Star Spangled Gamblers… I went on my buddy Alex Keeney’s podcast last night to talk about the filibuster. It was a ton of fun.

Good news!

So I am gonna get back to this day long trainwreck and get typing. Questions, comments, concerns? Drop me a line at