Jun 3 • 35M

Tribeca and the Evolution of the Film Festival

Cara Cusumano on the modernization of the multimedia festival.

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This week I’m joined by Cara Cusumano, Festival Director and VP of Programming at the Tribeca Festival, for a wide-ranging chat about the nature of the modern film festival, how a festival’s sense of place can coexist with efforts to make the festival’s programming available to people around the world, and how Tribeca has expanded beyond film into a multimedia extravaganza. We also talked about a subject near and dear to my own heart, as a parent of younger children: What can festivals do to get families more involved and encourage the next generation’s love of film? Tickets for a number of the events Cara and I discussed today are still available at TribecaFilm.com. And if you enjoyed this episode, I hope you share it with a friend!


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