Trump Is Gone, But American Democracy Is Still in Danger

Freedom House’s study on American democracy uncovers a disturbing trend far larger than the former president.

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Trump Is Gone, But American Democracy Is Still in Danger

MICHAEL ABRAMOWITZ AND SARAH REPUCCI: Freedom House’s study on American democracy uncovers a disturbing trend far larger than the former president.

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Tim Miller: The Big Lie Continues

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss cancel culture, the Dominion Lawsuits, and how the Big Lie continues to corrupt the GOP.

BEG TO DIFFER: Report Card

George F. Will joins to discuss lessons of the pandemic, whether Biden is creating a new New Deal, and how to handle China.

AFV: Is Heinrich the Bad Guy? (Episodes 7 & 8)

This episode involves gambling, prostitution, and spy rings. Gustav, Ben’s favorite character, is adorable, but can’t keep a secret to save his life—or anyone else’s.

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MORNING SHOTS: Springtime for Fascism? 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on why Biden's press conference felt so weird

THE TRIAD: If MTG Ever Needs a Rosary . . . 🔐

JVL: Americanism as a religion.

SECRET PODCAST: There Is No Going Back 🔐

Sarah and JVL retcon January 6.

TNB: The Press, the Priests, and the “Public Figure” Doctrine 🔐

JVL, Sarah, Charlie, and Bill Kristol discuss Biden’s first press conference, Catholic Priests and Joe Biden as a Catholic President, and the “Public Figure” doctrine.

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Hollywood, Please Don't Zoom the Oscars

SONNY BUNCH reviews 'Nobody.' And a Godzilla movie assigned—but which one?

To Strengthen Democracy, Protect Unions

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: The high costs of Republicans’ decades-long demonization of organized labor.

The Big Lie Is Alive and Well in Virginia 

TIM MILLER: Thank you Mr. McAuliffe, may I have another.

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The Reality TV GOP… I saw a picture of this appear on Fox and didn’t think it was real. It totally is.

In these Millennial reboots, the good guys become the villain. It started with Cobra Kai, and now it’s here with The Mighty Ducks. And I’m not ashamed to say I might actually watch this series. I just wish they came back as the Hawks.

The Big Boat is stuck.

The boss shared this with us and it is fantastic:

And if you’re looking for a nice bedtime story, Defector’s Kelsey McKinney even wrote a small children’s story about the Evergreen, complete with illustrations.

The Last Cruise. Somebody close to me was about to go on that ill-fated cruise that you may remember from the early days of the pandemic. I implored them not to go. Thankfully, they did not. This HBO special is horrifying about what they could have gone through.

Sewers, streams, and in between… The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has a fantastic social media account, and while I’m biased as an Ohio-born exile, I just find the content so informative, fun, and fascinating. We tend not to think about how our water gets here and where it goes, because we’re lucky we live in a country where it is generally safe and affordable. But stepping through the looking glass is well worth a few minutes of your time.

And yes, we set our river on fire 13 times. I figured somebody would point that out.

The GOP’s GDPR. It’s amazing that the party I once worked for has done a 180 on free speech and private companies. Sad.

That’s it for me for today. Time for the local HOA Easter Egg hunt in <checks notes> 80 degree weather. Drop me a note if have any comments or feedback: