What America’s Allies Want and Need to Hear from Biden

ALSO: Ted Cruz's short, strange trip.

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What America’s Allies Want and Need to Hear from Biden

ROBERT S. GELBARD AND DAVID J. KRAMER: The president's speech at the Munich Security Conference offers an opportunity to repair transatlantic relations, in part by addressing sources of tension directly.

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Andy Slavitt on The Biden COVID Response Plan

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Charlie talks about the Limbaugh Legacy, Jim Swift joins to talk about Ted Cruz and Cancun, and Andy Slavitt comes on to discuss the Biden White House COVID response plan.

Harold Mintz on the Past, Present, and Future of CinemaScore

This week on The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood, Sonny is very excited to have the president of CinemaScore, Harold Mintz, on the show.

Not My Party: Krakens, Remnants, and Fears. Oh My!

TIM MILLER: Grading the Senate impeachment trial. A for effort?

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MORNING SHOTS: Limbaugh's Double-Edged Legacy 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on how you can track the trajectory of the rise and the derangement of the conservative movement by tracking Limbaugh.

THE TRIAD: Fly, Eagles, Fly 🔐

BENJAMIN PARKER: JVL's gone, so we're only going to talk about the GOP once.

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Judicial Activism Can’t Fix Section 230

DAVID OPDERBECK: Erstwhile conservatives shouldn’t let their hatred for Big Tech negate their suspicion of executive and judicial power.

What to Expect from the Merrick Garland Confirmation Hearings

FREDERICK BARON AND DENNIS AFTERGUT: And why he’s the right person for the job of attorney general.

Will Trump Ever Pay a Price?

MONA CHAREN: We all know what Trump’s defense will be. Maybe this time it won’t work.

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We’re excited to have Olivia Troye on tonight’s Thursday Night Bulwark livestream. We hope you’ll be able to join us to talk about #FlyinTed and what the heck is going on in Texas.

But Ted has come home…

Yesterday, all Ted’s troubles seemed so far away...

But a couple days earlier, here’s what he said in an interview.

Call me crazy, but seems a little inconsistent! Also, who plans a vacation to Cancun for multiple families on a whim.

What politicians would hear this plan and think: you know, that’s a really great idea.

Ted Cruz.

Perhaps he came back because he was so surprised Texans missed him?

FLASHBACK: Ted Cruz loves slamming politicians who flee to the beach.

Things are really bad in Texas… And soon we’ll really know how close they came to the brink. Say a prayer for our readers there, and your friends and family there.

Rudy Giuliani remembers Rush Limbaugh. And it might make you cringe.

Cleveland will miss Cody Allen. Enjoy retirement, and thanks for all your fantastic pitching for the Indians.

A MAGA Safe Space. Poor Senator Burr. If you thought censure from activists hurt, imagine not being able to step foot in the Orange County GOP office! Total bummer.

Humans are pattern seekers. Listen to the wisdom of Steak-ummm.

I’m biased because I love frozen beef sheets, but their marketing is top-notch.

What did you think was going to happen? Moving to Iran as a good idea? Really?


GPS Only Exists Because Of Two People: Albert Einstein And Gladys West… This Forbes item is pretty awesome.

Alex Trebek’s son is as great as he was. In The Washington Post:

In the spirit of “Jeopardy!” we offer you this clue: These garments belonged to host Alex Trebek before his son, Matthew Trebek, donated them to formerly incarcerated men.

Correct response: What are 300 neckties, 58 dress shirts, 25 polo shirts, 15 belts, 14 suits and nine sports coats?

Congratulations if you got it right.

There were also some sweaters, shoes and a couple of coats in a shipment of well-tailored menswear that arrived at the Doe Fund program in New York City in mid-January.

Matthew Trebek said he was happy his father’s clothes could be put to good use. Alex Trebek was the famed quizmaster and host of “Jeopardy!” for 37 years, until he died of pancreatic cancer at age 80 in Los Angeles last year.

“I loved the idea of guys getting a second chance to go on interviews and feel presentable in my dad’s clothes,” Matthew Trebek said. “My dad had a large wardrobe for ‘Jeopardy!’ because they taped five shows a day, two days a week. It all just kind of clicked.”

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you tonight for TNB. If you have any issues, drop me a line at swift@thebulwark.com. Members get the log-in information in this email, and one sent at 7pm EST. We preserve the recording and I give you the link in this and that email. Please don’t email me to ask (I’ll still give it) because my inbox is already fatter than I am.

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