You are correct, there should be panic. Joe, health permitting, can whip DT... But can he whip DT, the Saudis (who are deliberately raising oil prices to raise our inflation/interest rates and make the Fed react), the Iranians, the Russians, and the Chinese? Can he beat them all? Lets not forget little Kim too. That is quite the array of forces trying to kill democracy in the US.

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Two college football players unexpectedly walk into a bar together...


For those who don't know, a couple of weeks ago, Travis Hunter (University of Colorado) was seriously injured after taking a late hit from Henry Blackburn (Colorado State University). Hunter is considered one of the game's best players, but that moment put him out of commission for at least three games.

Colorado fans were pissed, and some of them—evidently and sadly—lost their freaking minds; issued death threats to Blackburn; doxxed him and his parents. Scary times for that family.

A few days after the incident, Coach Prime issued a very empathetic public statement to quell the situation.

I just found out moments ago that Travis took it a step further (video).

When real s*** goes down, we find out who's who real quick, and this is why guys like me are Deion Sanders fans.

Coach Prime’s flamboyant persona ain't the issue. It never was.

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Tim, you're so, so right. Everytime I read about Biden is old, I think of bloated, orange faced Trump and his crazy, crazy view of our country. I just heard a pod cast (Bulwark with Mona) about the UAW strike and Trump was planning to visit the strikers. Not one word Biden being at the picket line, not one word that in actuality, Trump visited a non union plant. WTF!!

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Trump is also OLD.

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The question is a good one. Watching these debates, the only one on the stage that has the courage to criticze Trump is Chris Christie. Asa Hutchinson does but he was not allowed on stage for the second debate. Why are they even running? The only one I might consider voting for is Niki Haley, the rest of them do not deserve to be president. Especially Mike Pence. He didn't even have the courage to testify before the J6 committee. They have no qualms about Trump becoming president again except Christie and he has stated he is running to keep pointing out the truth about Trump.

The question before us is Can the country survive another four years of DJT? Frankly I do not believe we can.

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I have been reading some of the comments here regarding Coach Prime. I must say that I am rather surprised at the amount of anti-Prime opinions here. (There are a lot of them =)) But they don't exude the more serious, more nuanced opinions I typically associate with my fellow Bulwarkers.

Cards on the table, I am a huge fan of this real-life drama dubbed "Coach Prime", even though I am not a football fan in any real sense. (Well, I guess you can call me one now.)

I am a fan of Prime because of his character, both as a human being and an entertainment figure.

If anybody is made for TV, it's Deion Sanders. It makes sense that he is so controversial; he's like a WWE villain/hero.

Have I ever heard a neutral opinion about Coach Prime? Can't say that I have.

Over the last year or so, I have developed much respect for Sanders--as a person--and in my case, that is ironic as hell. Sanders and I are about the same age. I remember his first year in the NFL. I was a year or two out of college. I saw him around town a couple of times. Dude made me cringe. Hated his overall vibe. I thought he was insufferable.

That said, I didn't know him at all (i.e., not personally), and it's not like I had ever witnessed him do anything immoral or whatever.

Looking back, it wasn't that I hated Deion. I hated the persona of Prime Time.

I think a lot of his haters today think of him the way I did 30-something years ago. They, too, think he's sophomoric, insufferably cocky, so forth and so on. But also similar to me back in the day, they don't really know Prime Time beyond the persona. This is important.

In my admittedly limited experience, it is difficult if not altogether impossible to find people who actually know Deion Sanders who think he's a despicable person. I cannot say that about Donald Trump. I cannot say that about Bill Clinton. I cannot say that about a whole lotta famous people.

Coach Prime's videographer son has been documenting the Buffs saga on a near-daily basis. For guys like me, it's #MustSeeTV. One of Sanders Jr.'s most recent videos features the team receiving words of wisdom from Mark Henry, a legendary Olympics star, at the end of a practice. His talk was all about mental health and not being ashamed to ask for help if needed. Moments like these are not rare with Coach Prime.

At every practice, Sanders delivers these inspiring, enlightening and sobering messages--basically short speeches--that he obviously put some thought into. (I promise, this ain't ChatGPT territory.)

More importantly, if you're a superstar (like Deion Sanders) delivering messages like that freely to the world on a daily basis knowing full well that your haters are never going to shut up no matter what? That's not small.

It blows my mind how often Deion Jr. (and in effect Sr.) allow small businesses to give quick promos on their platform (including folks they just met). Please understand that hundreds of thousands of fans tune into this channel every night.

Last points: Based on the evidence, Coach Prime is an unapologetic Christian family man who loves competition, capitalism and nice clothes. He also loves to see people grow and prosper, and loves to affect that kind of change. I find it hilarious how Deion's haters are so often (or at least apparently) Red State types. Do they no longer like religious family men with a penchant for business? Evidently not.

I honestly think Sanders sees his massive platform as part of his personal mission. If you follow his journey as I have over the past year, it makes perfect sense.

Anybody who thinks "It's all about Deion!" or "all about the Benjamins" doesn't know what he's talking about as far as I am concerned (no offense).

Pardon the comparison, but if the only thing I knew about Muhammad Ali was his pre-fight/post-fight interviews, I wouldn't have a high opinion of Muhammad Ali. But we ALL know a ton more about the man, and most of us would say he was not only a great boxer, but a heck of a human being.

Was Ali's story complicated? Yes. Did he exhibit frailties as a person? You bet he did.

Was Muhammad Ali a good man? Damn straight.

I see a similar narrative developing with Coach Prime.

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Hey Tim. It’s hard for me to believe you haven’t addressed this, but if you have, I’ve missed it. Neither your nor Nicolle’s former bosses (Dubya &Jeb) have said anything meaningful. Have you guys spoken with them? Are they not alarmed enough to do anything about it?

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The numbness may be a consequence of the size of the problem. A second P01135809 presidency would be truly awful, but do you think a DeSantis or Ramaswamy presidency would not be characterized by casual cruelty, willful ignorance and a massive increase in debt?

The Republican party consists of unashamed sociopaths, and those who will support unashamed sociopaths. Any of the Republicans who will be on the debate stage tonight would be a disaster as President;. There might be some that would be better than others, but none of them would challenge the most reactionary or lawless members of their party. The problem is not limited to the executive branch. Is there any chance a House of Representatives run by the Republicans in 2025 would be any less of a clown show than the current House? Is there any doubt a Republican controlled Senate would not stop all votes on judicial nominees or military promotions to hold those open for Biden's successor?

The problem is that one of the major parties in our country winks at white supremacy, coddles religious fundamentalists, nurtures conspiracy theories and advocates non-democratic forms of government in the hope of reversing all the societal changes of the last 70 years. The scale of that problem is overwhelming (at least to me). The only solution I can see is repeated and significant electoral losses for the Republicans. I see a lot of writers on this site who go right to the edge of acknowledging this, but back away. I sympathize.

I grew up at a time when the Republican party was home to thoughtful, cautious, conservative leaders. It has not been that for a long time, and has moved so far away thoughtful conservativism that it has become dangerous. Those who have supported the party need to understand that, and recognize that continued losses are the only way to save the party.

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Thank you for describing the truth so well, Tim, on several levels. This *is* an emergency, and it is inextricably linked to the struggle in defining manhood and masculinity as loving and creative versus hating and destructive.

As the struggle continues, one thing is clear to me: we need far more Democratic women in power, at as many levels as possible.

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I think it is because millions of people are walking around with PTSD from the pandemic.

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I probably wouldn’t have seen these clips without your beautifully written words on leadership. Thank you for both. The impact of an empathetic leader, cannot be overstated: the men he coaches will carry these lessons with them. Maybe some of us will too.

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Thank you Tim. Perfectly stated. Daily I search for news that the GOP will give up supporting this fraud. They need to do it in unison for operatic affect. If I wasn't so old, I'd find another place to live outside the U.S. This is scary the s**t out of me.

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I'm right there with you Tim. There is no apparent Republican leadership any more, only a bunch of scared rabbits terrified of losing what they see as their only reason for continuing to exist: their power. There is pathetic Kevin McCarthy who is so desperate to hold onto his speakership that he's willing to plunge the country into an economic catastrophe to placate a few loathsome right wing nuts who are simply playing a game to make themselves feel more important. He got that job only after 15 votes. Anyone with any self respect would have withdrawn from the contest after the second vote. Liz Cheney stands alone as someone who understood that maintaining her integrity and keeping the oath she took was more important than hanging onto her seat. I keep thinking back to the Watergate days when Barry Goldwater, John Rhodes and Hugh Scott went to the White House to tell Nixon it was over: he no longer had the support of his party. Nixon resigned the next day. I was sitting in front of Ralph Waldo Emerson's House in Concord, the birthplace of our American Revolution, as Gerald Ford took the oath of office. Ford was not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but he was a thoroughly decent human being who knew how to be a president. I would not have voted for him, but I thought the country would be alright. Those three Republican leaders and all of their colleagues surely knew that forcing Nixon to resign was going to cost their party politically, and it did: briefly. However, Reagan came along in 1980 and swept them into power again. These pathetic excuse for leaders cower at the thought that Trump might call them names on X. Don't they remember "sticks and stones may break my bones..." If they all got together and said enough is enough, they could rid us all of Trump. They could be putting all their weight behind one of the people actually challenging Trump but even those people are not willing to challenge him directly: they just keep saying they are just like him! So let's all cheer on and support Joe Biden. Is he capable of doing the job at his age? Of course he is. He should publish the list of his accomplishments, trips, meetings with other world leaders just in the last couple of months. I'm 4 years younger than he is, and I couldn't do what he does every day. My only hope for getting rid of Trump is our legal system. Letitia James scored a huge victory yesterday. May Jack Smith and Fani Willis do likewise and soon. I don't care if he ever goes to jail, although that's what should happen, as long as I no longer have to hear about him ever again.

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Hey Tim, while you were erecting a pedestal for Coach "Prime" a professional sports media outlet, Sports Illustrated, released a video of the Oregon vs. Colorado featuring the latter's "classy" trash talking by Buff players and coaches.

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Thank you for this one. The article about Deion really got to me and it is perfect to break through to my MAGA family. Talking about how horrible Trump is falls flat but articles like this that demonstrate or highlight the danger of MAGA values outside of the political arena can sometimes have an effect, especially couched in college football. Would you be willing to repost this article outside the paywall? That would make it a lot easier to share.



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G-d forbid!

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