Wow! Listening to these people trying to justify having a discussion about Jeopardy is downright painful. I think you should stick to the topics you are most comfortable discussing.

And I am confident none of you would qualify to be a contestant. Since you searched for a way to demean Jeopardy followers, I might add that this is the only time I have listened to any portion of Sonny's Bulwark podcast.

Bulwark subscriber,

Sharon Pugh

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As a longtime Jeopardy fan, describing this podcast as "disappointing" is a real understatement.

Within the first few minutes each of the cohosts divulges that he or she knows nothing or little about nor cares about nor can even understand why people care about Jeopardy or its host. So the immediate question is why they chose to "discuss" the topic in the first place. The answer to that question is never disclosed.

So I would like to politely suggest that perhaps choosing to discuss topics that you care and know about might make for a potentially interesting show.

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