Why Did the Biden Administration Give Egypt $170 Million?

TODD RUFFNER AND LUCI MEADE: Human rights aren't at the center of the administration's foreign policy. Again. Why?


Republicans are ‘Frigging Crazy’

Adam Kinzinger talked with The Atlantic recently about the GOP, and his conclusion is spot on.

There’s a guy running for local office who lives not far from me. Every time he or his campaign has come to my door, despite working from home, I have not answered. Maybe the “NO SOLICITORS” sign helped. The real reason is Rusty the new dog, as well as Old Man Gus lose their minds when the doorbell rings. I don’t know why. But they do. (Condos in a high rise don’t have doorbells and this is new territory for Gus, who is 7.)

I agree very much with Mona Charen’s item yesterday about being a single issue voter. I will never vote for anyone who was part of Bad Orange Man’s reign of terror. If you were in office then, you had an obligation to have stood up to it. Few Republicans in existence meet this exacting standard. I realize I am not most voters. I know that perhaps my standards are too high.

But this is what fixing the GOP requires. Exacting standards and an adherence to principle. This guy running to be state rep. seems like a nice guy. He’s not playing any of the Glenn Youngkin games about election integrity, pussyfooting to conspiratorial nutjobs. But before the election, I’m going to ask him about all of these things if he’s going to get my vote. As a political professional, I’ve gotta say his chances aren’t great but rather OK. But being honest is always the best policy. Always.

I spent my afternoon talking with neighbors about issues facing our HOA. Change requires voices, which requires efforts at the grassroots level. And most people are apathetic about HOAs. After all, we’re busy. But it’s also basically your government.

Don’t be apathetic. Go door to door and seek change if that’s what you want.

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Why Did the Biden Administration Give Egypt $170 Million?

TODD RUFFNER AND LUCI MEADE: Human rights aren't at the center of the administration's foreign policy. Again.

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Happy Thursday! Back in 1949, the Cleveland Indians made a mistake that may have cursed them to this day. Bill Veeck was a guy who wanted press, but maybe there are ends to which you should not go.

Good Vaxx PSAs…


Jon Stewart is coming back to TV. Welcome back.

A decade ago, I met Jon Stewart at the GOP Convention in Minnesota. I was a staffer back then, not a journalist, so I didn’t go to both conventions. I always got a kick out of The Daily Show’s coverage, and I binged it the night before.

As a fan, I mentioned this to Stewart, who asked what I did and why I was there. Not before telling me to get a life. I often think of that, because it was good advice. And it was before I joined “the news.”

People in our business spend their days reading, often obsessively (note that I said reading, not watching) so we can curate things for you. It is taxing. Now with my twins and our two dogs, I try to heed Stewart’s advice when for years I did not.

Life and balance is important. And your support of The Bulwark makes that possible. So, thank you.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you tonight on TNB! Tech support questions? Email support@substack.com. Questions for me? Drop me a line: swift@thebulwark.com


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