The writers’ strike might help the MCU in the long run, by giving casual fans like me (who don’t rush to see the movies on opening night nor binge the shows right away) time to get caught up while new content is on hold.

As for Spider-Verse (which I *did* see on opening night, as I will for the next one - in IMAX this time) it proves that Sony does much better with superhero movies when it *doesn’t* try to copy the MCU model and goes its own way. Ditto for Warner/DC with Joker.

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SPOILERS for the first M:I movie to follow.


Okay so the movie opens with Tom Cruise’s team—still technically Jon Voight’s team at this point—on a mission. In the midst of the mission, it goes sideways. They’ve been made. And Emilio Estevez dies, rather horribly. Knives to the eyes, baby.

This does two things: serves as a misdirect for Voight’s non-death moments later (we’ve seen one killing, we have no reason to believe any others are fake) but also sets the stakes for the whole series at “Anyone Can Die At Any Time.” Estevez was still a fairly big star at this point in his career; bumping him off puts everyone in peril at all times.

Anyway, it’s a little thing, but I think it matters.

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Ironically, I think our notion that streamers can’t disaggregate who is subscribing for what is really a comment on how not-well managed these businesses are at their base: no one (except maybe Amazon) has more data about each individual subscriber and its usage than streamers. That they haven’t been collecting and/or learning how to use it seems to me to be a symptom of fundamental lack of strategic management. Maybe the older generation of managers doesn’t know how to use “big data” and maybe the younger generation is so used to throwing free money at stuff and/or chasing Street approval for stock price that they haven’t thought about it. But, my oh my, never was there a bigger set of data just waiting for strategic analysis!

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I haven't seen MI. Knowing the spoiler is more likely to encourage me to see it than discourage me. So spill!

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Sonny! That’s a hell of a teaser. You should pay it off fast otherwise I’m passing out torches and pitchforks.

On a related note, what is the statute of limitations on spoilers? Surely, 25 years is long enough, no? (I say this and think about the fact I wouldn’t spoil the ending of Citizen Kane. I’m probably just a filthy hypocrite.)

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Regarding cost: I upped our Netflix sub to include the UHD stuff in anticipation of the Tour de France series (done by the folks who do the F-1 series). It’s blowing me away!! Best $5 I ever spent.

Now, I want a blu-ray release. A nice box set with “making of” and outtakes so I can pay for it twice.

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