My take on the Forward Party is they're crowdsourcing their stand on any issue beyond respect for democratic institutions and Trumpism. They don't know yet, and they're looking to see what kind of platform can get a buy-in from the millions of voters they hope to attract.

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I think Trump held back some documents on purpose to see if the FBI would get a search warrant. He knew he would win either way because he’s shameless. He needed them to come to the house so he could play the victim publicly. It’s the political stunt version of a faked slip and fall.

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There is nothing to detach TFG's supporters, nothing at all. I am related to many of them and I can tell you, nothing gets through. The only thing a third party will do is confuse the actual main issue. I am not a fan of either party but at this point I am voting Democrat down the line for the rest of my life. I see no other option to stop this train wreck. There are too few remaining Republicans who actually could do a thing and no third party will make a dent. Policy issues are no longer relevant for me. We can argue about the minutiae later, now, it is this country that is at stake and too many are awash in TFG, Fox, Facebook, etc.

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No surprise, but Liz lost her primary, and a total MAGA nutcase won. Wyoming voters used to have brains in their heads (the first state to give women the vote).

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NY investigation. GA investigation. USDOJ investigation. Henchmen falling like dominoes. The weasels seem finally to be closing in on Daddy's $300M Boy. what will he do?

Too bad he read Mein Kampf and drank with Roy Cohn in 1971 instead of reading Hunter Thompson and drinking with Raul Duke. Had he read Thompson and partied with Duke, he'd know what to do:

“Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas ... with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.”

Instead, he'll lie a little, cheat a little, brag a little and grift a lot more. And probably foment a full blown revolution, instead of just a minor insurrection. A whiff or two of ether would settle him down right now.

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Damn charlie turned the snark up to 11 this morning. I had to check the byline, I thought it was JVL lol…

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Time was we had some regulation of political rhetoric (e.g., lies) in mass communication media. Equal time for both sides of an argument. Or something like that.

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A lot here today, Mr Charlie...

First: 3rd party "forward" is argle-bargle

Second: HH in AZ is human Argle-Bargle... but that might help her win (OMG, we be f**ked)

Third: As we suffer endlessly from tRump's onslaught against everything Good and True and Honest, his peeps continue to love him MORE than they love the Constitution... and he is training them (DAILY) to despise and attack fellow Americans.

Please tell me Charlie, how you believe we can possibly save our democracy and form of government, if we do not institute common sense regulation of all mass comms.

The Right's embrace of absolutes in deregulation have thrust us into these sick, disturbing times. Reps never want to regulate guns or speech. And that's the root of our current nightmare.

Freedom of Speech was never meant to be License, nor to injure humans (or the health of the planet).

News used to have to be truthful and factual. Now anybody's crackpot lies can be presented as "news". If we do not regulate (common sense, like guns) mass comms then we literally have zero hope.

Since you are so far to the Right, I'd like to hear how you would proceed to get the Facts and the Truth out to people who have been harmed and deranged by this lack of regulation, if we don't find a common sense way to regulate mass comm.

It's so obvious, so self-evident to me that I literally cannot comprehend why The Bulwark refuses to address this sticky wicket. You address even stickier ones, so I am baffled. It's almost like you all WANT this nation to be sucked into an endless eddy of Lies and Conspiracy Theories.

Or perhaps you're collectively scared and afraid to even look at the issue... because it's too "hard" to fix? No, it's not! It's only very difficult! We could fix this. Why won't we even try?


Fourth: Great seeing you with Heilman. Did he refer to you as a Demi-Hemi Republican? Or a Semi-Hemi one? It was funny. You were wonderful as always.

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We need to approach loyalty to Trump in an entirely new way:

How "many" people could he shoot on fifth avenue before the support slipped? It should be continuous.

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I suspect Cheney will run for President and I hope she does. She'll be the first to announce and may be his only opponent because the rest of the losers wanting to run will be afraid to cross his base and if they are unwilling to do that there is no other rational for running. I suppose Christy or Hogan could serve as a counter weight to the base but neither has the juice that Cheney has at the moment. The media will follow her around like stink on you know what and she'll get tons for free press like Trump did the first time around. If the RNC allows debates she will bleed him out so they probably won't. If they don't she mounts an independent candidacy and calls Trump a coward everyday for not debating her. He'll go nuts. And if recent history is a guide, the party from which the independent emerges usually loses the general election because they siphon votes that would otherwise go to that party's nominee. Think Perot in 92 and 96 and Nader in 2000. Doesn't mean were not in for a rough ride.

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We are totally f*cked.

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"DeSantis could have refused comment: "ongoing legal proceeding." That would have been the alpha move."

I simultaneously agree with this completely and am gobsmacked that something this mealy -mouth is what passes for "alpha" in the GOP.

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Yang's follow-up is just as bad. "These are issues where there's broad consensus among the American people." But then won't state it. If it's so popular Andrew, what are you afraid of?

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Harriet Hageman's comment 'Joe Biden is the largest or the most destructive human trafficker in our history.' needs some analysis.

First, Uncle Joe is not a big man, of average size, but not big...so he can't be the largest of anything. Then she injects "or" as Joe being a human trafficker.

So Joe is either a very large dude who deals in human trafficking, of he is most destructive, which could be a good thing if the implication is that Uncle Joe is destroying human trafficking.

This ding-of-bat doesn't realize that when she comes to Congress in 2023, she will be well down the list of bat-shit crazy considering "Dude Looks Like A lady" Greene, "Almost a High School Graduate" Bobo Bobert, and "Certifiable" Louis Gomert , to name a few.

She's gonna need to up her crazy game insults.

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"...DeSantis has to keep alive the likelihood that he may be competing for position as Trump's running mate in 2024 rather than the nominee. I am sure DeSantis hates that reality, but he is already accommodating to it — as are, apparently, the DeSantis mega-donors."

If Dick Cheney was correct in Lynn's intention to go down defending the U.S. from the Secessionist-In-Chief, then it is as plain as day she will be running as an Independent in 2024. If not, the he and she are just same-old-same-old pols trying to stake a position for another day.

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<b>U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, said Sunday she expects former President Donald Trump and Republicans generally will derive political benefits from the FBI’s execution of a search warrant at Trump’s Florida residence.

When asked by CNHI if she was concerned the FBI investigation could erode support for Trump, who has yet to say whether he’ll mount a run for his old job in 2024, Stefanik responded: “Absolutely not.”

“It’s energizing Republicans because they see the politicization of the FBI,” added Stefanik.</b>

That’s the lede from an article in the Glens Falls Post Star. So, to Stefanik it’s nothing more than the politics of it.

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