Biden Caves, Gives Putin Another Pipeline to Europe

David Kramer and Benjamin Parker on Blinken and Biden, well, blinkin'.

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Biden Caves, Gives Putin Another Pipeline to Europe

DAVID J. KRAMER AND BENJAMIN PARKER: Secretary of State Blinken had promised “to do whatever we can” to stop the completion of Nord Stream 2.

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Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker: Trump's Catastrophic Final Year

On today's podcast, Pulitzer Prize winning authors Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig talk with Charlie Sykes about their new best-seller: "I Alone Can Fix It."

BGTH: John Mass on the Future of Content

This week Sonny is joined by John Mass, Executive Vice President of Content Partners, LLC, to talk about the business of acquiring intellectual property and figuring out how to make the business side of show business work.

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MORNING SHOTS: Nancy Pelosi Calls BS 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on why the pundit class clutches its pearls

THE TRIAD: Pick Your Political Poison 🔐

JVL: Minority rule vs. One-party rule.

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The Odd Political Fight Over Medicaid Expansion in the Last 12 Holdout States

DANIEL MCGRAW: The parties jockey for position on how to add voters to Medicaid rolls—and claim credit for doing so.

Team Biden vs. COVID Misinformation

BRIAN KAREM: Facebook, Fox, the ‘disinformation dozen’—and the implications for our democracy.

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What’s ‘the plan’?

A good sign.. Let’s hope that the Speaker allows Rep. Riggleman to help out. (Listen to his podcasts with us here.) We’ve had enough clownish behavior from the GOP, and if folks like Rep. Riggleman, who have the background and seriousness to help can show that at least some Republicans are willing to step up, America benefits.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… But Senator Graham doesn’t seem to have the numbers. And when it comes to votes, it’s all about the numbers.

Graham is suggesting that Senate Republicans follow the lead of Texas state legislature Democrats and flee town to deny quorum. The problem? Quorum is 51. So if one Senator doesn’t go along with Graham’s plan, it fails.

Welcome to Blaseball. How I missed this fun pandemic activity is beyond me, but better late than never, as documented at Ordinary Times and People Make Games. #GoWorms.

Does Rand Paul know what he’s talking about? Yes, this virology professor claims, because he’s distorting what really went on during his viral exchange with Fauci.

Meet the Frenchman who ‘biked’ via boat across the Atlantic eating expired food. It’s a little extreme, but if you’re like me, some household disagreements occur over best by, sell by, and use by dates. (The latter being most clear.)

It’s in French, but it’s fascinating, and YouTube enables you to turn on translated captions. Worth 15 minutes of your time.

Happy Anniversary, Senator Cruz.

This will be a game-changer… The NFL obviously looked ahead and considered its profits and brought down the hammer.


It’ll return next week and we’ll tell you about our fall plans, with some fun new ideas.

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