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Honest news. Smart analysis. Good faith.

You may have noticed that sh*t has gotten weird the last few years.

Fox News hosting a White Power Hour. Twitter turning into Pepe Town Alt-Light X. An entire political movement obsessed with drag queens and bathrooms. Pandemics, insurrections, and a Bad Orange Man.

At the heart of all this weirdness is a reconsideration of liberalism and democracy that started in Europe and has migrated to America.

The Bulwark was founded to provide analysis and reporting in defense of America’s liberal democracy.

That’s it. That’s the mission.

We publish written articles and newsletters. We create podcasts and YouTube videos. We give political analysis from experts who have spent their lives in the business.

Some of what we do is behind a paywall. Most of what we do is not. That’s because we are a mission-based organization first and a business second. 

And you can’t help save democracy from behind a paywall.

The Bulwark is a reader-supported publication. Sign-up to receive newsletters and support our work.

The Bulwark was founded in 2018 by Sarah Longwell, Charlie Sykes, and Bill Kristol. The idea, then and now, was to tell you what we think—with honesty and good faith.

To put country over party.

To know that we’re all in this together.

And to build a home for the politically homeless.

We’ve been supported by tens of thousands of people who not only decided to become members of Bulwark+, but to engage and create the kind of community that’s not supposed to be possible on the internet: a place where people oppose tribalism and polarization, have respectful conversations, and show empathy for one another.

The people who work at The Bulwark may be the brains, but The Bulwark community is the spine of the organization.

So if you want honest news, smart analysis, and good faith conversations—The Bulwark is the place for you.

Come join us. We’ve got a country to save. And the only way to do it is together.

No tribalism. No partisanship.

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Analysis and reporting on politics and culture in America. No partisan loyalties. No tribal prejudices.


Cathy Young 

Russian-Jewish-American writer. Author, Ceasefire: Why Women & Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality (1999). Writer, The Bulwark. Newsday columnist, Reason contributing editor.

Will Saletan 

I'm a writer at the Bulwark. Email: Twitter handle: @saletan. Question everything.

A.B. Stoddard 

A.B. Stoddard is a columnist at The Bulwark, and a guest host on Sirius XM’s POTUS Channel.

Joe Perticone 

Joe Perticone is national political reporter at The Bulwark. He previously reported on Congress and campaigns at Business Insider and IJR. Follow him on Twitter, Threads, or Instagram: @JoePerticone. He can be reached at:

Katie Cooper

News and politics producer

Martyn Wendell Jones 

Associate Editor, the Bulwark

Charlie Sykes 

Host, Bulwark Podcast; author, “Morning Shots” newsletter; Contributor, MSNBC; Author, "How the Right Lost Its Mind" Email:

Jim Swift 

Senior Editor, The Bulwark

Tim Miller 

Writer-at-Large, The Bulwark Host of the Next Level Podcast

Mona Charen 

Policy Editor at The Bulwark. Host of Beg to Differ podcast.

William Kristol

Editor at Large, The Bulwark. Director, Defending Democracy Together. Host, Conversations with Bill Kristol.

Adam Keiper 

Executive Editor, The Bulwark ( Cofounder, The New Atlantis ( and American Purpose (

Catherine Lowe 

Herding cats for The Bulwark.

Benjamin Parker 

Senior Editor, The Bulwark

Hannah Yoest 

Art Director for The Bulwark and author of the Hellcat newsletter.

Jonathan V. Last 

Editor, The Bulwark

Sonny Bunch 

Culture Editor